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Vampire Batman Funko

If you’re a comics fan, you may recall the graphic novel RED RAIN, in which Batman faced Dracula in a battle to the death, or un-death. I liked the story; the artwork, not so much. I’m afraid I’m not much of a fan of Kelly Jones’s overly-stylized work. In the story, Batman does succeed in defeating and destroying Dracula, but he is bitten and becomes a vampire in the process. Bruce Wayne’s willpower is so strong, however, that he manages not to lose his morality, his “soul” if you will. He is left a vampire, but a vampire still dedicated to justice and the protection of the innocent. He becomes something of a vampiric Punisher, giving the criminals of Gotham City an even better reason to be afraid of the dark.

Funko, the coolest company on the planet and probably in the entire solar system, is giving us a Vampire Batman Funko figure. And it is flippin’ rad! Check it out. No definite release date has been issued, but as soon as it hits the shelves (or eBay) you can bet I’ll be buying one of these bad boys. How about you?

I swear, Funko has taken so much of my money by this point that I ought to be a stockholder.

TheCheezman • April 30, 2019

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