Vampire Bats: Puking Up Blood to Save Lives

“Vampire bats are not evil. They are little marvels that go out of their way to help their friends…”

I didn’t really know how I felt about vampire bats before this: I mean, be honest, they skeeved you out a little, and weren’t you a bit afraid they carried rabies? Well, as always, safety first, we don’t recommend hanging out with animals that bite, and do recommend getting all your shots before you go on nature trails outside the U.S. and so on. Safety first.

Anyway, after checking this out, I think they’re pretty cool. I mean, vampire bats have been scientifically observed making friends and hanging out, with bats outside of their family groups. How cool is that? And if other bats don’t get enough to eat, –making them seriously at risk for death via starvation, –other bats, outside their families, –will regurgitate blood pouches to feed their friends. How sweet!

By annimi

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