Vampire Book Review – Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

It wasn’t hard to climb back into the Sookie Stackhouse universe, although, after the last book in the series (Dead in the Family) I was definitely a little wary. Dead in the Family was disappointing in a variety of ways; for one, it revealed very little in the way of a main plot, and for two, it seemed hastily thrown together. On top of all that, the book read like a filler episode. So if you’re one of the people put off by the series by the last book, don’t worry, Dead Reckoning is a return to the faster paced, action-packed intrigue that we expect from Harris. There’s a lot going on, and we do get some answers finally (although most of them sound a bit stiff and rehashed from the other books).

Merlotte’s is firebombed, and Sookie suspects another supe, specifically a shifter, is behind the attack. Victor, regent of Felipe, the new vampire King, is causing serious problems for Eric, Sookie’s lover, Pam, and even Sam Merlotte. While Vampire’s Kiss is drawing clientele away from Fangtasia, Victor’s other bar, a redneck joint, is drawing away the few customers Merlotte’s had managed to keep after his big reveal as a shifter. On top of that, the lunatic sister of Debbie Pelt, Sandra, is out of prison and gunning for Sookie. She’s helping Eric with his plans to kill the ill-received and provoking regent Victor, trying to discover the source of her suspicions regarding her faery family, avoid Sandra Pelt, keep things peaceful between her and Eric, and she still has a baby shower to throw for her best friend Tara.

That’s a lot to contend with, and Eric has a secret that will shatter their relationship, after it suffers its first blow, which is actually dealt by Sookie. The next book will see this relationship come to an end, I predict, and honestly, I think Sookie may end up with Bill. A human Bill.  Yeah, I said it. I think the books will wrap up with human Sookie and human Bill, living together like… well, real live people. The book was great, so for those of you holding out in doubt, I suggest you quell your fears and read it soon. Harris has done a 180, compared to her seemingly half-hearted effort in the last novel. And I for one, am glad she’s back!

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  2. I thought the same! A human Bill!!!!! And wouldn’t that be a poignant and perfect way to right (write) so many wrongs… thanks.

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