Vampire Books Coming Out in September

September is here, the start of the wonderful autumn season. I know it’s early, but I’m already looking forward to the changing leaves, and October just around the corner with pumpkins and Halloween and horror movies. Along with the hint of autumn, September is bringing us some wonderful new vampire books too!

Dead of Night: Dancers in the Dark/The Devil’s Footprints– by Charlaine Harris and Amanda Stevens


This book is comprised of two tales, one written by Charlaine Harris and the other by Amanda Stevens. With the Sookie Stackhouse series over, fans ready to devour more vampire tales from Charlaine Harris should be pumped to read this upcoming story. Harris’s “Dancers in the Dark” features a character named Layla Rue Le May whose partner is a three-hundred year old vampire named Sean McLendon. Amanda Stevens’s story, “The Devil’s Footprints” is a murder mystery set in the enchanted city of New Orleans and centers around the character of Sarah DeLaune. Her sister was murdered years ago, and now two more mutilated bodies have turned up. A trail of cloven hooves leads away from the crime scene.

Coming out: September 24, 2013

Vampire Culture (Dress, Body, Culture) by Maria Mellins

vampirecultureThis book is the first to feature an ethnographic case study analysis of the vampire subculture. This UK author incorporates case studies of female participants and how their participation in the subculture impacts their lives. This looks like a promising sociological perspective on the alternative vampire lifestyle.

Coming out: Available on Kindle, and will be available in Paperback and Hardcover formats



One Lucky Vampire: An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands

51W-7zveZ0L._SY346_This book features a… vampire housekeeper. Jake Colson is the name of the “lucky” vampire in this book, although it’s still a mystery to me why he’s so lucky, since he doesn’t want to be a vampire at all. Nicole Phillips is the other main character in this book, and the woman whose house the vampire is keeping. Unbeknownst to Nicole, Jake is also serving as her bodyguard. For some mysterious reason, someone unknown is targeting Nicole. Jake is secretly protecting her and sets out to stop whoever is trying to kill her.

Coming out: September 24, 2013



The Outside (The Hallowed Ones) by Laura Bickle

51og17BdKZL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_This book looks really cool. Apparently it’s the sequel to The Hallowed Ones, which I have only just heard about. The first book looks amazing, it’s about an Amish girl named Katie just prior to her Rumspringa. It’s a dystopian book about a vampire apocalypse. So this book is the sequel to that one, and also looks like a good read. It looks like Katie got to go on her Rumspringa after all, in a way, for in this sequel she has been kicked out of her Amish community and sets out into the terrifying destroyed world where vampires lurk. On the Outside, she discovers people with the ability to deflect vampires… This series definitely sounds worth checking out!

Coming out: September 3, 2013

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

511xgj7nxJL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_This book is by Holly Black, who wrote Tithe, the modern faerie tale series, and also the Spiderwick Chronicles. In this book her main character Tana is in a world of Coldtowns. These are quarantined towns and cities where vampires prey on the humans who remain inside. Once you cross the border into Coldtown, you can never leave. This book tells the story of what happens after Tana wakes up in the aftermath of a massacre of a high school party she attended. Surrounded by corpses and blood, she escapes with her infected exboyfriend and another boy, and sets out to save them… by entering Coldtown.

Coming out: September 17, 2013

That’s all we have for September, but please let us know about any new upcoming vampire books! Or if you know of any good sources for upcoming vampire releases, please share with us.

Happy reading. :)



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    1. We wanted to highlight just a handful the first time around. I thought a good number for that was five this time. Also if you note the last paragraph, we wanted to get feedback from the readers. “That’s all we have for September, but please let us know about any new upcoming vampire books! Or if you know of any good sources for upcoming vampire releases, please share with us.”

  1. excited about the new Lindsay sands. ive read the ones prior&they are just popular enough I don’t have to run all over to find it. I recall the short story by holly black w/the same name as her upcoming book&she is a great author, but the short story wasn’t quite as good as her farie series. if anyone checks this out&read both the other series&the short story that presumably led to the book, let me know what you think…I read so much I have to weed out a bit&the library wont ill books until they are a few years old now

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