Vampire Books to Watch for This Month

Need a new vampire novel to read this month? Even if you already have several piled on your shelf that are waiting to be read, you can always add more, can’t you? Here are some of the new vampire book releases coming out in March. Because you’re thirst for vamp literature should never run dry!

Master of Fire by Angela Knight – A wonderful story about a witch and a vampire who find love.

Hourglass by Claudia Gray – Find out what happens when two vampires join a pack of vampire hunters!

Shadow Souls by L.J. Smith – The newest edition of the Vampire Diaries in print. Need we say more?

Bite Me by Christopher Moore – This satire actually pokes fun at the world of vampires and how the phenomenon has even the most conservative and level-headed folk looking for vampires in every dark corner!

The Mage in Black by Sabina Kane – Even vampires have dysfunctional families! And for the heroine in this book, it becomes even more dysfunctional when her grandmother is the leader of the vampire race, and they seem to be at odds with each other.

There ya have it! Some of the best-looking vampire books that are hitting the shelves in March! Happy reading everyone!

– Kate


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  3. Hey! Big fan of this site and big fan of The Vampire Diaries books. I’ve read all the books and I’m waiting for Shadow Souls to come out on March 16. GO VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!

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  5. I would like to have my book mentioned the VAMPIRES website. My book, THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS, is set for publication on 19 March from Shadowfire Press. Please let me know what I need to do to have the book mentioned and/or reviewed on your website. Thank you.

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