VAMPIRE: Cast Updates and New Photos!

There are new stills available for the movie VAMPIRE, by Japanese director Iwai Shunji. This is his first English film, and he’s probably pretty excited to be reaching all of us Westerners for the first time. I know I’m excited to be seeing it, so we should all be. Plus, we used to have just one photo, and now we’ve got a whole collection. There’s a new film summary as well, plus, reports of cast members from a variety of fairly decent films. Although the actors aren’t exactly A-listers, they’ve still got their reputations.

Kevin Zegers, from Dawn of the Dead, Rachel Leigh Cook, from She’s All That, Keisha Castle-Hughes, from Whale Rider, Adelaide Clemens, from X-Men: Origins, and Kristin Kreuk, from the made for tv version of Snow White, will all be joining the cast of VAMPIRE. The film will start its running by appearing in the Sundance Film Festival, that runs from January 20th through the 30th. There’s no word yet on who’s playing who in the movie, but that’s all right. I like a good mystery.

For those of you who didn’t read our first post about the new film, the story follows a vampire who searches the Internet for a shy girl, quiet, physically attractive enough, who happens to be suicidal. He suffers from an urge to drink blood, so one can only assume his search is for food, –that way his guilt is minimal. Somehow, I doubt his plan is going to work out that way. Of course, my first suggestion would be to find someone suffering from a terminal illness, and go all… Kevorkian. But oh well.

Also, I’m not sure if this film is about the ‘supernatural’ traditional vampire, or a ‘real’ vampire, that is, someone who just believes that they need blood to live, or a member of the vampire subculture, or a mentally ill person who believes they are a vampire. The plot is up for interpretation for just about everyone at this point. Oh well, when it comes out then we can speculate; all the details will at last be known, and we can rest in peace, so to speak.

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