Vampire Confections, etc.

You guys have come to this website time and time again to get the latest and greatest on all things vampire. We have covered topics such as how to dress like the undead, where to hang-out, as well as endless conclusions and gossip about the hottest vampire shows on television. But have you ever read an article on here about vampire food, drinks, and baked goods?

Have you ever been out with your friends or just been plain old bored and wondered how many kinds of edible things you can create that have to do with Dracula himself? I’ve done some poking-around to bring you the following:

Bloody Mary- This concoction has been around for quite some time. It’s made-up of vodka, tomato juice, and a conglomerate of other tasty things lying around your kitchen cabinets. According to some websites, this drink actually came to be in the 1930’s.

Blood Orange Martini- Doesn’t the sound of it just make you wish you were on a far away island in paradise All you need is some citrus-flavored vodka, the juice of about 1 blood orange, and simple syrup. Shake all the ingredients up and ta-da, you have yourself a bloody drink minus actual blood!

Vampire Bread- This bread sounds kind of unusual, right? Well, it’s comprised of onions, olives and yes, even garlic! It’s easy to prepare with your little ones and makes for a great after school snack or appetizer.

Vampire Cookies- These little darlings I came across are to DIE for! They are round, white cookies with holes in them dripping with “blood.” You should make them for a Halloween party or a Vampire Diaries premier party!

Got any other vampire food suggestions? Share them below…

– Bryce


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