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Vampire Crime: Christopher Rodriguez is Rod Ferrell ‘Lite’

There are lots of movies about morons who think they are vampires. There was a movie made to sensationalize the murders committed by Rod Ferrell, vampire-game-obsessed teen, who killed his girlfriend’s parents, and ran off with her, for a short period of time, before being captured by police. Well, in a similar, yet more pedophilic situation, one man will spend some time enjoying psychiatric evaluation, and beautiful views that feature bars, and fences. Two players of the vampire game Reign of Blood met, fell in love, and exchanged addresses; a typical romance. Unfortunately, the two people involved, were 14 and 28. And one of the was a psychotic member of the US Navy. Christopher Rodriguez, obviously weak of mind (along with being incredibly ugly), was driven mad with love for his 14-year old vampire mistress, sorry, wife, according to her, and drove to her parents’ house in Virginia to sedate them and kidnap her. At one point, after his arrest, Christopher’s grandfather, who I guess is senile or something, said “He always said many vampires were good, and he was a good vampire.”

Christopher Rodriguez, 28, and on disability from the US Navy, went to Virginia with prescription sleeping pills. He met the girl at a Halloween party, slipped her crushed sleeping pills to hide in her parents’ food, and then followed her from the party. Later that night, he threw rocks at her window, trying to attract her attention, –but when she told him to leave, he promised to return for her at some point, –reports say, when she turned 18, and then took off again. The girl later “realized he was serious” and told her mother, who called the police. The rest is history, but you can get all the details here. The media will naturally blame the game site, but the owner spoke true when he said he hoped “that the parents of our younger gamers are monitoring their online behavior and contacts.” Key word: contacts.

First off (look! off, not of), all I can say about everyone involved here is: stupid, stupid, STUPID. Parents, –your daughter is being exposed to the Internet; if she’s under 18, your computer should be in a public area of the home, with as much through-traffic as possible. Don’t you morons realize, that if your daughter had been a -fraction- more stupid than she already is, and let that psycho in your house, he could have KILLED you? As I pointed out earlier, this HAS happened! Girls, all females under 18, you never, EVER meet or give personal phone numbers or addresses to ANYONE online. You do not know these people, and even women over 18 know better than to give any personal information to anyone. Girls over 18, if you are planning to meet someone, do so in a public place, and when you drive home, I suggest you check for a tail. Avoid the crazies, because in real life, boys and girls, crazy people, and sociopaths, will not spare you because you’re a kid. In fact, they’ll probably do even more horrible shit to you, because you’re a kid. Parents, educate and protect your children: do not let your kids make the rules about their Internet access.

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She’s involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.

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annimi • March 25, 2011

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