Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola on Caroline

The Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Forbes was once one of the most irritating characters on the show, but now she’s one badass vampire that we can’t get enough of. Candice Accola, who plays the bloodthirsty beauty, recently had an interview with TV Guide and discussed the changes her character has gone through.

Why is Caroline more likable as a vampire?
Caroline started out as a narcissistic, queen-bee bitch. What’s so much fun is that in vampire form, she’s trying to figure it all out. If she gives in to her own selfish needs as a vampire, people die.

Sort of a vamp coming-of-age story?
[Laughs] She’s grown up a lot since she’s been undead. It’s exciting to hear girls say, “I love that Caroline’s kicking butt now!”

What’s the hottest thing about playing a vampire?
There are no restraints. It’s all about the insatiable hunger — whether [it be] for blood, revenge or sex.

It’s given Caroline more confidence.
She has a new edge — more sass. Before, it was “You can look, but you can’t touch. Though maybe….” Now, it’s “You can look, but if you touch, I’m gonna kick your ass!”

Why do you think Vampire rocks the ratings?
It’s sexy and romantic, dark and edgy, but it can also be funny. And it’s relatable to kids who have trouble talking to their moms or who are in a relationship that’s being torn apart.

To read the full interview you have to buy this edition of TV Guide magazine.

Haha! I love Candice so much more after reading this. I also love that her character Caroline has grown so much this season. Caroline drove me insane the first season, she was nothing more than a dramatic bitch, but now she is this ass-kicking vamp. She’s much stronger and more mature, but she still has that teenage insecurity and fear. Love it!

What do you think about Caroline’s changes this season?

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i still think that Caroline is a bitch, even more so now that she is a vampire because there are already a lot of vampires, each dealing with their own thing, on this show. my friend and i keep wanting the producers to kill off her character, no offence to Candice, already- we just think it would make the show so much better. (when Kill or be Killed aired we hoped it was Caroline who was going to be killed)

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