Vampire Diaries: Caroline’s Character Transformation

I saw some pretty speculative updates about how Caroline’s handling life right now, and since she’s my favorite character, I couldn’t resist doing some kind of abbreviated timeline; she’s gone through some big time changes, and not all of them have to do with being undead now. She started out as a fringe character, bitchy, popular, and confident on the outside. Inside, she was a lot more insecure, which led her to Damon. Damon screwed with her mind, a lot, what with being able to manipulate her because he’s hot, charming, and sex on a stick, –but also because duh, he’s a vampire with mind control powers! Through the whole first season, it was touch and go whether or no Caroline would survive, –she appears as this fragile little human, with all these flaws.

But then she was healed by Damon, after a serious injury, and immediately afterwards, she was killed by Katherine, turning into a vampire. And at first, Caroline looked like she might be just as fragile as a vampire, as she was as a human. But against all odds, she’s survived, –even after her mother found out what she was. And surprisingly, despite the fact that her mother had to be compelled to keep her secret, Caroline was able to handle herself pretty well. so far, she’s become much more in control of her emotions, and even her self-confidence has increased. For example, last season, the human Caroline probably would have easily taken Tyler Lockwood over Matt. Tyler has the money, and the football fame that Matt didn’t have. Plus, dealing with rejection clearly wasn’t Caroline’s strong point as a human.

But even after the struggle to keep it together with Matt, Caroline had the chance to be with Tyler, –and she didn’t take it. Granted, this also had a lot to do with the fact that Tyler, being a fledgling werewolf, was seriously confused with his situation. But still, it was a really bold move on her part. And in the last episode, her decision to tell Matt how she felt, and tell him about her life as a vampire, were very brave moves. Unfortunately, Matt freaks out and accuses Caroline of killing his sister, Vickie, –Caroline had nothing to do with that, actually, –Vickie’s death was mostly Damon’s fault. What I seriously worry about, because I love Caroline’s character, is whether Matt’s total 180 on Caroline, is going to shatter all the great qualities that cost her so much to gain. She’s still fragile in there, and this whole ordeal with Matt might break her. Where is Caroline going from here? Is her character worn out? Do you think Caroline will die in this season? What about Matt?

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  2. Interesting, I think you are the first author I read who actually acknowledged that Caroline is not some “Wonder Woman” all of a sudden. She didn’t appear in the promo for the next episode but we all know that this doesn’t mean to much. We will see and a third season will be coming anyway.

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