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Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham Says Upcoming Confrontations Will Result in Death

If you’re hoping Caroline’s dad will be the last to die on this season of The Vampire Diaries (which totally made me tear up), I hate to tell you, but that’s not going to happen. There will be more death. According to Kat Graham, our beloved Bonnie, things are just going to get crazier.

In an interview EW had with Kat Graham while on the set of Vampire Diaries, they talked a little bit about the chaotic episodes come. “The show is very epic. The storylines move really really quick. [It’s] definitely one of the fastest storylines I’ve ever been a fan of watching or that I’ve been involved with. So there will be developments that are going to happen [in every episode],” Kat said. “The episodes with the originals are going to start reaching a head and you’re not going to know whose going to die and whose going to survive and what plans really are going to work this time. And what plans are going to be stopped and thwarted. So some really massive confrontations are definitely going down… that WILL result in death.”

With no one safe, Graham is just happy this season has given her such a deep and serious storyline with her mother (played by Persia White). And while their coffin opening quest is over, Graham says the same definitely can’t be said for their mother-daughter issues. “There’s still stuff to hash out,” she says. “If somebody does something to you that really really hurts you and has created a ripple effect in your life, you don’t really forget about that and you have to go back and deal with them. You sort of go back into a protective mode because you feel like they’re going to go back and do it again. So Bonnie feels like her mother has to win her trust.”

So Dear Readers, who do you think will die next? Hopefully it’s one of the bad guys. At this point it seems like there are very few good guys left.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • February 7, 2012

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