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Vampire Diaries Preview: Candice Accola talks Sexy Klaus and Caroline Episode

The CW had shared the first sneak peek for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries, My Brother’s Keeper, and the clip doesn’t focus on the neverending Elena drama, but on Caroline and Klaus. Yay!

The Mystic Falls pageant is here, and Klaus wants to have Caroline as his date (after all, she did promise). She won’t be going with Tyler because of their pretend breakup. Instead, he will be taking Hayley to the town event. Candice Accola talked about what fans can expect to see out of Klaus and Caroline on the next episode in a recent interview. She said the following:

“[The episode is] going to let us see maybe the lighter side, the softer side of Klaus. What’s so appealing to the viewer and so fun for us is that it’s sexy, because every scene that they’re in, there’s really a push and pull. It feels like a big game, and as frustrating as games are, they’re really fun to watch on TV. That’s what the appeal is with these two characters. The games, though, can also lead to revealing different perspectives and higher truths, letting you see a little deeper into both of these people.”

Check out the preview:

I can’t wait! I love the Caroline/Klaus dynamic. I can’t stand Tyler, so I look forward to any Klaroline action.

My Brother’s Keeper airs Thursday the 29th at 8PM.

Episode description:

“Caroline tries to help Stefan and Elena through a rough time. Damon asks for Stefan’s help in order to discover Professor Shane’s plans. However, Stefan and Klaus have different plans. Jeremy has troubling nightmares and asks for Matt’s help.”

Are you excited about the date? How do you feel about Caroline and Klaus?

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • November 26, 2012

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  1. Lucy November 26, 2012 - 11:28 am Reply

    I am very excited at the possibilities of this episode! Though it’s obvious that Caroline is still in love with Tyler, I think this may be the start of her feelings for Klaus. Just from their small scene, it’s clear that he is different when he’s with her. But a coworker at DISH thinks that with everything going on, she won’t give in to his pursuit any time soon. It will still be exciting to see their interaction, I am glad I won’t miss any of the action with my DISH Remote Access App. With my crazy schedule, I love that it can use my Sling Adapter to stream shows recorded on my DVR, or live TV right to my phone. My long train home is so much better when I get to spend it catching up with the latest vampire drama. It seems like this episode may be a game changer for a lot of couples. Even if Caroline and Klaus don’t become a couple this season, I think this pageant may be the start of something big for them.

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