Vampire Diaries Season Finale! (Season 1, Episode 22)

Oh My Effing God. This episode will absolutely BLOW your mind, –it’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s got action, and deaths, –no ‘big’ deaths really, except for, well, let me not get too ahead of myself here. Basically, it’s the season finale, everything is coming to a conclusion, and yet, they drop all this other hardcore stuff on us right at the end. It’s insanity! So, it’s Founder’s Day; Elena looks just like Katherine in her Civil War era costume, –that she wears for what, five minutes? Damon is on good behavior, for the most part, and seems to be really trying to be less of a jackass. Stefan is back to good ol’ normal; you know, broody, witty, mellow.

But the big thing going down is that the device is working, and the tomb vampire team is on the prowl. The thing is, John knows that the tomb vampires are coming, and he’s using the town founders as bait for vampire revenge. John’s plan is, turn the device on, which lasts for five minutes, –it makes a high pitched noise that drops the vampires; meanwhile, the Secret Council sedates them with vervain, dumps them in a basement and sets them on fire. Problem is, Mayor Lockwood and Tyler Lockwood are also affected by the device. Mayor Lockwood is rounded up with Damon, and Anna, –who had just finished giving Jeremy a vial of her blood.

Tyler, outside of town, crashes a car, with Matt and Caroline included in the cargo. Matt is fine, but Tyler, who basically had a seizure, drops. Caroline falls unconscious later, –right after something really freaky happens to Tyler’s eyes. Hmm. Werewolf boy emerges! ..even if it is only for a split second. In the end, Bonnie helps Stefan and Elena save Damon, but it’s too late for Anna, who was killed by John, and even Mayor Lockwood, who was killed by another vampire in the blaze. However, some other really freaky shit goes on too. Damon has a talk with Jeremy, and might have accidentally convinced Jeremy to become a vampire, then runs into Elena.

Upstairs, while Jeremy uses muscle relaxers to presumably kill himself, while Anna’s blood is in his system, Damon is running into who he thinks is Elena. After a really sweet, heartfelt confession, he kisses her. ‘Elena’ goes in the house, and after a what appears to be a short reconciliation with John, who we now know is her biological father, she promptly cuts his fingers off and stabs him. That’s right kids, Katherine is in town, and Elena walks into the house only a moment after she’s disemboweled her father. And then the episode ends. Which means… we have to wait FOREVER! for the next one. I dunno about you, but I’m investing in the books asap.

By annimi

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  2. Damon :)
    Poor damon! He thinks he kissed Elena but he didn’t :( Im so sad for him…I just hope he knew it was Catherine, but i dont think so

    1. i think he relized it becuase elena slapped him the last time and she just goes right ahead and lets him this time. by thie way did you not see his face after she left him standing there. and what about how elena and katherine sound so totaly the same? ohh well the producer should have chaged her voice a little.

  3. To anyone that is way too excited to wait for next season to find out what happens next, and has decided to purchase the books to get all the answers, I must tell you, SAVE YOUR MONEY!! When I first started seeing the commercials on TV advertising the series, before it even started, I decided to buy the books so that I would know something about the show before it started. Let me just tell you, aside from some basic similarities, the show is nothing like the books. There are way too many differences to list them all here. And in all honesty, the show is WAY better than the books. I enjoyed the first book. And I tolerated the second. I only red the rest of them because I was hoping it would get better. It was nearly torturous to get through them. The story is completely OUT THERE, even for me, who is totally into fantasy, vampires, shape-shifters, paranormal romance and anchient mythology. The Vamp Diaries books just get way too crazy. And at times, the writing seems very simple, as if written by a high school student as a class project, and then other times, it seems the author wrote every word using a thesaurus, using nothing but $10 words where more simple language would have made more sense. Its almost as if the writer was trying WAY too hard to sound more intelligent. I think the thought behind it was that using bigger words would cover up the fact that the story had gotten way out of hand. I too can’t wait for the next season of the show, as its one of my all time favorites ever. Thank the gods the scripts do NOT follow the outrageous plots in the book series, or it would seem more like a comedy series.

    1. This is your opinion and It is respected and acknowledged. I see the books and T.V. series as completely seperate. The only similarities are the character names, vampires and I dont want to be a spoiler so will stop there.
      I like both the T.V. series and the books. They both have qualities that I like. Don’t discourage other people from finding out for themselves what the books are like.

      1. I agree this is nothing like the books at all. But you must remember that there are some similarities too the show not a lot… okay but I agree too everything you have said.

  4. I really like Vampire diaries!!!(I love Damon) Wish the next season could show up as soon as possible!!! =^0^=

  5. i think damon and stefan will be soooooooo stupid if they don’t know the difference between elena and kathrine cause kathrine got curly hair and elena deant but its just tooooooo hoooooooooot!!!!!!!!!

  6. Can heart hearts be torn out but still have all the feelings that you had even though betrayal is the worst. I learned not to feel with emotions from this book and series but things do come back even if you do not want them to. So I don’t know if I should thank the person who produced it and the person who published the books or hate them. But still I think this is a good series on love is war, don’t you if not respond. But still I think Elena is awesome and I think Damon is the best lover for her, but Stefan is more caring, I would choose a guy more like Damon though. (Secret don’t tell anybody I said that for all .readers!.) But trust me sometimes love is over rated, by the way tell me if YOU agree with me.

  7. hey this show is really good and the season is really vampire powered. i would love to meet the actors. i am a vampire fan and wants to meet a reaL ONE.

  8. i LOVE both the books and the show (yes the books get a little wild and yes they are completly different then the show.) my BFF actually got me into the show and when i found the books i nearly died, but they turned out SOOOOOO diferent. i cant wait for season two i nearly imploded when they ended season one with all that suspense, but i have read (and own) all of the original Vampire Diaries books that are published. (im looking into the books based on the show). i am counting down till the season premier!

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