Vampire Diaries, Season 1 Episode 6

P1In this episode, Elena finds out Stefan and Damon’s dirty secret; they’re vampires, and she learns later, after she initially runs from Stefan, through Stefan’s patient explaining, the whole story; the nature of the beast, so to speak. There are a few flashback scenes, and we find out more about Katherine; in Mystic Falls, 1864, Damon and Stefan were close, until Katherine arrived on the scene. We find out later in the show, that it was Katherine Pierce who was the vampire. Her plan was to turn Damon and Stefan, and keep them with her as one big happy family, before her violent death.

Apparently, Vickie is one hell of a survivor; she lived through Damon’s attack, so he decides to keep her, so to speak, after he kills her friends and disposes of their bodies, and demands via cell phone that Stefan returns his ring. It’s painfully obvious that Stefan cares for Elena; he guards her house the whole night after his secret is revealed. The next day, he explains vampires, Damon’s deal with Caroline, and  convinces her to give him a day to explain things fully. While Damon gives Vickie his blood to perk her up, Damon’s mess is discovered by Logan and the sheriff, who know it was a vampire attack.

P3Stefan shows Elena the ruins of his family home, tells of how things were with him, Damon, and Katherine. At the Salvatore home, Damon explains exactly what happened to Vickie, who seems totally unperturbed, and asks for more of his blood. They feed mutually off one another, while at the site of their original home, Stefan tells Elena of Katherine’s manipulating he and Damon against each other. Stefan reveals that if he doesn’t return Damon’s ring, he’ll retaliate by harming Elena; meanwhile, Elena’s hysterics meter is gradually filling up. Mayor Lockwood, in the company of Logan Fell and the sheriff, assembles something like a compass that will lead them to the vampires.

Shortly after the hottest moment in the entire show so far, Vickie cries on Damon’s shoulder, about how horrible her life is; to alleviate the situation, Damon snaps her neck. Soon after, she wakes up. Vickie is now among the undead! At least, she will be when she feeds; Damon explains, she blows him off as high and takes off. He suggests she go by her boyfriend’s house, no doubt in order to stir some shit. At the Gilbert home, Matt and Jeremy watch Vickie as she transforms, thinking she’s on drugs. Elena and Stefan arrive, and he tells them how to help her, and explains to Elena what Damon did, and that if Vickie doesn’t feed, she’ll die. Vickie runs away after almost feeding on Jeremy, but Matt and Stefan follow her.

P5The town’s vampire hunters are also tracking vampires that night, and Logan heads to the old cemetery just as Damon shows up at Elena’s door. He wants Stefan, and his ring, no doubt for a good long fight over locking him in the basement. Damon indicates in his short talk with Elena that maybe there’s more to his story. Stefan finds Vickie in the cemetery, and comforts her, explains her situation, but before Stefan can take her home, Logan shoots him with a wooden bullet. Before Logan can stake Stefan, Damon attacks him and saves his brother, digging the bullet out of Stefan. They now know that the town is hunting them. Vickie feeds from Logan while he’s down, then runs away. Damon now has his ring, and the mysterious vampire hunting compass; the sheriff and a deputy, –apparently more people are vampire hunters than we thought! –find Logan’s body and note the missing watch. After Stefan tells Elena about Vickie, she sadly gives him her verdict: she’ll keep his secret but she can’t be with him.

Oh, another really sad episode. In some ways, there were a lot of really interesting and somewhat relieving scenes here too though. We didn’t see anything on Caroline, or Bonnie; this show mostly revolved around Vickie, Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Elena, and a dash of Matt and jeremy for seasoning. Oh and we can’t forget the fearless vampire hunters, who seem to be multiplying rapidly. Just how many people in Mystic Falls are into hunting vampires as a hobby? So far we have the mayor, a news anchor, the sheriff, one deputy, and possibly the mayor’s wife. I’m dying to know a little more about what’s going on with this mysterious group of vampire hunters, as well as where the hell Bonnie and Caroline are.

P7More interesting yet, is Damon’s foggy history with Katherine; I want to know more about his side of the story, and what happened to make him so bitter. Also, it seems that maybe things might be a little more complicated than we thought with he and Stefan; he did save his brother’s life. Was it because maybe, Damon still loves his brother, or does he just want to keep Stefan alive so he can continue to torment him? I know one thing; with Vickie’s crazy emotional issues, and volatile personality, she’s going to make a very nteresting vampire. Stefan’s going to have to keep her on a short leash. And oh, if you haven’t heard yet, horror of horrors, they’re going to make us wait a whole extra week for the next show!

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