Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 14

Cry Wolf

This episode is basically the last battle between vampires and werewolves; in fact, the vampires and witches in Mystic Falls may well have seen the last of the werewolves for a very long time. Apparently, the werewolves in this universe, have a very short attention span; easily distracted, with variable goals in mind. I mean, first Jules shows up looking for Mason, then gets revenge for Mason’s death, then there has to be more revenge + kidnapping of Caroline + ransoming Caroline for Tyler + fighting of the vampires. And they almost won, but to be fair, their numbers did dwindle. They really didn’t know how to quit while they were ahead.

So when Tyler told the pack about Mason looking for the moonstone, you could tell things would probably get out of hand again. Tyler explains, and they tell him about the curse, that they need Elena for it, but what they don’t tell him is that they have to kill Elena to break the curse. Which ends up being Brady’s undoing, because he was the one to go after Elena with Tyler in tow. Brady handicaps Stefan, who is out getting firewood, –he’d taken Elena for a weekend getaway to her parents’ cabin on a lake, –then leaves Tyler there to watch him with a gun loaded with wooden bullets. While Stefan explains the part about Elena having to die for the curse to be lifted, Elena is inside, outsmarting the bald, dirty Brady guy, and eventually, it’s curtains for that jerk, because Tyler can’t be persuaded to kill Elena.

So Tyler isn’t that bad really, but his friends suck. They stabbed Alaric, and chained up Damon at the house. Damon spends some time getting beat to shit, but eventually, Elijah shows up. And then all the werewolves die. That’s pretty much it. He kills them all so fast, it’s literally blurry. Jules manages to slide out, and after, Elijah sorts out the metric shit-ton of chains that kept Damon pinned. During all this, Bonnie, Caroline, and Jeremy have been hypnotizing and leeching information out of young Luca’s brain. And when they finally do have the information they want, they basically only find out stuff that we already knew!

Yeah, Elena’s protecting her friends for a while by giving herself over to Elijah, so that he can pretty much use her to weaken, then kill Klaus. The thing is, I don’t think Elena actually realizes that when she’s dead, …so are her friends, family, and pretty much everything with blood in it. The world will probably be all… vamp-ocalyptic. Everyone’s still running around, trying to protect Elena, and she’s basically handing herself over on a silver platter to the vampires, and all they want to do is basically fight and overthrow each other. Where is this going? It’s starting to piss me off! Plus, on top of everything, Damon’s doing some washed up TV news reporter? What’s the deal? Let’s focus on the plot, for god’s sake. I’m glad we’ve wrapped up the werewolf thing, because I really want to see what happens to the -main- characters. Gosh! Check out the trailer for the next episode below, people.

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