Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 15

The Dinner Party

If you ask me, this episode was all about illustrating how incredibly impulsive Damon can be; and how it’s his biggest weakness. Sure there was the whole side dish of Elena finally being convinced that they have if anything, a microscopic chance at beating Klaus, but mostly, this was the episode where John Gilbert and Katherine halfway win with their little scheming. Despite the victory over Elijah in this episode, it’s pretty ‘pro-bad-guy’. The main story follows the thread of what to do with the piece of information that John Gilbert gave Damon; that white oak ash on an enchanted dagger will kill an Original vampire. So Damon first goes to Katherine to see if the method for killing an Original is right; he takes her blubbering and pouting over being stuck in the cave if Elijah dies as truth that the method will kill him.

So of course, rather than think about it or plan more delicately, Damon gets his girlfriend with the half fried mind, Andy the reporter, to suggest a dinner party. Damon invites Elijah, Alaric, and Jenna, but for some reason, John the asshole shows up. Most likely, to make sure that Damon Salvatore dies when he tries to kill Elijah; see, during all this, Elena is reading about Johnathan Gilbert’s journals, –the founding family’s Johnathan Gilbert, not the jerk that’s trying to break up Alaric and Jenna. In there, he’s also written about the white oak ash, but he’s also added the note that it can only be used by a human, because if a vampire tries to use it, it will kill both of them.

Naturally, Stefan hurries up and calls Alaric, who was under the impression Damon wasn’t going to do anything violent at the party, –but of course, Damon lied. Stefan tels Alaric about the addendum to the formula for killing an Original, who warns Damon in time, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t stab Elijah himself. They dump Elijah’s body in the dungeon of the Salvatore house while Jenna is out preparing dessert. John Gilbert looks pretty damn surprised, to say the least, but he’s mostly concerned because Damon had just finished telling Elijah that John Gilbert was totally kill-able, and not on the list of Elena’s friends and loved ones. John’s been busy trying to get his ring from Alaric, and by the time things get really bad between Jenna and Alaric, since John’s been busy trying to sabotage them, Alaric gives in and returns the ring. He tells John he’s going to need it more anyway, since he just tried to kill Damon.

I’ve kind of been avoiding going into the land of flashbacks with Stefan Salvatore, who is busy talking to Elena about his time spent with Alexia Branson, Lexi, his best friend who turned him around from being ‘a ripper’, –who was later killed by Damon. Before they can celebrate the goods news about Elijah being dead, Elena mentions that the dagger has to stay in the body, –Alaric pulled it out when he stabbed Elijah… who has just gone to his pet witch in order to find Elena. He popped off out of the dungeon pretty quick, and heads over to see Elena, while his witch goes to see Bonnie and Jeremy. Jeremy and Bonnie have been working together, and… kissing each other, and were trying to help Bonnie’s magic get stronger. But that might be a moot point in the next episode, since Elijah’s pet witch just stole Bonnie’s powers.

Back at the lake house, Elena and Elijah re-negotiate, because Elena has threatened to try to take her own life. Elena tells him that she knows should she try to kill herself, Damon will heal her, and she’ll kill herself and become a vampire. Just like Katherine. Elijah calls her bluff, and she stabs herself with a kitchen knife. She bleeds out profusely for a second and then Elijah takes it back, gives her his word, and ends up being stabbed a second time. Stefan heals her while Damon watches from the background, reminding them not to move the dagger. Elijah’s back in the dungeon with a dagger in him, Elena’s hopefully convinced the Salvatore brothers to be honest with her, Damon has shown a small sign of regret for killing Lexi, and Katherine is out of the tomb. …Yeah, now that Elijah’s dead, his compelling of Katherine is null and void, and Katherine is naked and hanging out because she says she’s going to ‘help’ them now. Pht. Sure.

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  2. Well you can admit one thing about the episode:
    It fits the show perfectly, everything turned upside down in one episode, or rather three episodes since not even a week had passed (maybe three or four days) since the events of Daddy Issues. Once again, we are left with wonder about what will happen next.

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