Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 16

The House Guest

Well, Katherine is out of the tomb, and causing problems; not only is she rude and constantly screwing with the collective Salvatore minds, but she’s as always, a liar, and a harbinger of DOOM: she reveals later that she made a deal with John Gilbert to stay and help with Klaus, to get out of the tomb, but she had to let one of the Salvatore brothers die. And she chose Stefan, she tells Damon, which is yet another blow to his already fractured self-esteem. That’s what’s going on as far as Katherine being out of the tomb, but the rest of the episode is very eventful, and the subplots are definitely winding, unwinding and blurring into the main plot, which is unification to kill Klaus. Who, does not show up in this episode; sorry people!

So Katherine stays, but the main event, really is what’s going on with Elijah’s pet witches. See, they were working with Elijah to kill Klaus, because Klaus has Luca Martin’s sister; Doctor Martin’s daughter. So the good doctor and Luca meet with Stefan and Bonnie to discuss killing Klaus and being reunited with Greta Martin. But Jonas Martin, also known as Doctor Doom, the witch with the giant chip on his shoulder, persists in his belief that Stefan & Co., are the enemy. Jonas astral projects Luca to the Salvatore house to pull the dagger out of Elijah’s chest, –that way Elijah can pop up, kill everyone, thus allowing the plan to go along as originally intended.

But Luca is killed by Damon’s big flamethrower, but they didn’t actually know it was a person there, doing all the hokey invisible stuff. Luca bursts into flame right in front of his dad, and now that he’s toast, Jonas is seriously pissed. He takes off to go catch Elena. Elena’s at the bar with the girls; Jenna –stewing over the bad trust issues with Alaric, Caroline –stewing over inconsistency with Matt, and Bonnie –stewing over the loss of witch powers and hesitancy to tell Elena about being all cuddly with Jeremy Gilbert. The Mystic Grill is ripe for massacre, and the appearance of Jonas Martin means all hell is about to break loose.

Caroline sings to Matt, so they’re good, Bonnie asks for permission to date Jeremy, and of course Elena assents, but no luck with Alaric and Jenna. In fact, things are about to get worse, because as soon as Alaric tells Jenna that he loves her, that Isobel is dead, and that he can’t talk about the details, –well, he’s rejected again anyway. But right after that, Isobel shows up again in Mystic Falls. On Elena’s doorstep. Telling Aunt Jenna, the bumbling ex-stoner pseudo-mom type, that she’s Elena’s mother, –and then Elena exclaims ‘Isobel!’ which definitely adds to Jenna’s issue with Alaric. I think, Jenna’s either going to die pretty soon, or she’s going to have to be let in on the whole vampires, werewolves, and witches oh my! deal.

But back to the Grill: Jonas is there, Bonnie tries to reason with him, but he puts the witch-whammy on her, then Caroline  is trying to stall, so that Elena can get away, and Katherine, Stefan, and Damon devise a plan to get Jonas out of the game. Caroline suffers under the nasty witch-whammy too, and Matt tries to save her. But, Jonas stabs Matt in the throat with a broken bottle… this is after he sets the entire place on fire, so everyone is busy fleeing, –too busy to notice Matt bleeding to death, and Caroline saving him with vampire blood. Katherine pretends to be Elena, and goes back to Elena’s house with Stefan. Knowing of course, that Jonas is upstairs ready to kidnap her and drag her back to be used later for sacrifice.

Well, Katherine kills Jonas, but he’s not entirely dead before he grabs Bonnie’s head and gives her back her powers… and in that nifty psychic package, he’s included the bonus of how to kill Klaus. Throughout, everyone’s been looking for the site where Emily Bennet, and a huge number of other witches were torched, because Elijah believed, before he was doused, that it was the concentrated energy of those witches that could be used to kill Klaus. So maybe Jonas’s bonus gift to Bonnie included some more information about that. Meanwhile, Caroline is finding that Matt is significantly less happy with her than she thought he’d be, upon finding out that she’s a vampire. He accuses her of killing his sister, Vickie, and throws a huge fit. And with this massive episode of maximum action and insanity, they leave us! To wait until frigging APRIL for the next episode. Sob. And all I have to offer is this teeny tiny trailer for the next episode:

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  1. Damon handled that flamethrower like a boss. That’s already a classic VD moment. Sucks to be Luca; it wasn’t his fault that his dad was a dope. (Going against the bros on their home turf after they had put Elijah out of commission: not smart.) And poor Caroline is once again on the receiving end of blowback by an enraged relative of one of Damon’s victims. Another great episode that shows why The Vampire Diaries is one of the best supernatural series ever.

  2. I was so bummed about Luca dying, in spite of all of his issues I liked him.

    I was shocked that Caroline sang, I remember reading an interview where Candice said she wouldn’t mix her singing and acting. Either way, she has a great voice. Wish they would have picked a different song though.

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