Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 17

Know Thy Enemy

OMG finally! We made it! We survived! Before I get started, I have to say, I was beyond thrilled to finally have the show back; it was like seeing your best friend after they’d been gone for a couple months. Relieving, joyous, and charged with excitement. There’s a lot of craziness in this episode, but unfortunately, half of it is spent with most of the characters running around like chickens with their heads cut off. And by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet: SPOILER ALERT! We all remember how the last episode ended, because I think pretty much everyone probably rewatched it a few times in the last month that VD has been gone. Isobel shows up to start shit, accompanied by John Gilbert, –apparently, with the intention to “protect” Elena. Unfortunately, that plan is crap.

Isobel is really there to kidnap Elena, with the help of Katherine; and John Gilbert has been thinking this whole time that Isobel was working with him. Nope, sorry buddy. Isobel is actually a giant tool; her main purpose in town was to get Katherine to grab the moonstone, get Elena shipped off with Isobel, –oh, and to get kidnapped by Klaus. And you won’t believe who Klaus is. This whole thing is crazy. Isobel not only plans to deliver Elena to someone who wants to kill her, but she also gave up her ex-husband, Alaric Saltzman, to a witch, –a male one, –who puts the magic whammy on him.

I should mention that, off to the side, Bonnie and Jeremy have been off looking for the spell to contain the power of all those dead Salem  witches, –Damon shows them the site, and leaves them to it, seeing as how the dead witches don’t much care for him. Bonnie manages to absorb the power of all the dead witches, but neglects to mention until later on, that using all of that power, to stop Klaus, –will kill her. Jeremy, beyond upset, understands the reason for her choice, is forbidden to tell Elena. Bonnie explains she isn’t doing this just to save a few of them; she’s stopping Klaus to save a lot of people that would otherwise be killed if the Sun and the Moon Curse is lifted.

Meanwhile, Isobel has used John Gilbert to distract the crowd at the Lockwoods, –where Elena is giving a speech for Jenna, –who has totally flipped out and ran away to stay at her college campus. The distraction is used to divert their attention while Katherine trades places with Elena, and Isobel takes Elena elsewhere. Of course, Stefan almost immediately realizes that it’s Katherine, –and calls Damon, who finds out that the moonstone has been stolen as well. Isobel takes Elena to her grave, where she tells Klaus’s contact that she has Elena, and that Katherine has the moonstone. Isobel is told to let Elena go, then she is told she’s finished. Isobel offers a poignant apology to Elena before she pulls off her necklace, –protecting her from the sun, –and burns alive.

It’s really sad, but Isobel was such a bitch, and trust me, you might feel a little less sympathy for her when I tell you what she did to poor Alaric. And even Katherine; who is immediately kidnapped, and set aside for Klaus. Who is Alaric. Yup. Swear to god. Klaus’s witch has pumped Alaric full of blood, –I guess it’s Klaus’s blood, –and it’s just creepy and weird. Watching Alaric’s face get all wonky and bizarre; it make me seriously, a tad ill. Anyway! Don’t think I’m finished just yet, that’s not the only crazy thing that happens this episode. Matt and Caroline, remember? Well. Matt goes to Sheriff Forbes, –a key player on the ‘Council’, and tells her about Caroline. Dick move. Then he goes back to Caroline, with vervain in his system and asks to be told everything, only to tell her afterward, to make him forget.

Bah! I told you! Matt was too good to be true, –Tyler needs to hurry up and come back to town before Caroline’s boyfriend and mom try to kill her. This is bullshit. She’s by far, the sweetest, nicest chick on the show, -and- she can sing. And her own mom thinks she’s a demon… again! And Matt, who is apparently pathetic and stubborn, refuses to believe Caroline is still herself. If he really loved Caroline, he ‘d just frigging get over it. I predict a fight when Tyler comes back to town; –what do you guys think? Is Tyler willing to fight to protect Caroline from the Council? Is he still in love with her? Check out the promo for the next episode below; apparently, —Damon and Elena dance in this one! Eee!

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  1. I guess I have a thing for bad boys. When I saw Alaric in the end… Whoa! HOT!
    Also, praying Tyler will show up and kick Matt’s ass.

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  3. My reaction when I finished watching this episode was “what the hell just happened?!”. Wow. That was an interesting one.

  4. Great episode, and interesting way to bring Klaus into the fray. I wonder if it’s always done that way or if there’s a physical Klaus out there somewhere.

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