Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 18

The Last Dance

This episode was great, actually, I can admit, it was a lot better than the last one, when everyone was sort of, running around all spastic, not really sure of what’s going on. Anyway! Point being, there were some very climactic events, many of which had us all sobbing like schoolgirls and then actually heaving a sigh of relief. Up until now, I didn’t know a sigh could be heaved, –I thought it just sort of floated out of the airways. But no! A sigh can be heaved, –but I’m not going to give away why just yet. What I do want to go ahead and get out of the way, is the last straggling bit of subplot leftover. And no, I’m not talking about Tyler Lockwood. He’s still MIA, unfortunately. That stubborn ordeal with Caroline and Matt and Sheriff Forbes on the other hand, –that’s really starting to grate on my nerves.

Can someone please explain to Matt Donovan and Sheriff Forbes, that this isn’t friggin’ Buffy: vampires can definitely be assholes, but the whole “evil, demon possessed” thing is strictly in another realm of television series mythos. What pisses me off though, for real, is that not only have Matt and Caroline’s mother, become completely oblivious to any sincerity in Caroline whatsoever, they appear to be actively denying that poor Caroline could be anything but a demon from Hell. I mean, why the hell would she bother hanging around, or protecting Elena, or even dating Matt if she were super-evil-succubus-vampire-bitch? Um, dude, Matt is not that hot. He’s clearly got a stick up his ass, and he wants to play all Mr. Self-Righteous, but he can’t even spend ten seconds thinking “hey, maybe it really is Caroline, –because what would a hot vampire chick want with me?” And Caroline’s mom, –omg, –I’m not even going to go there.

So let me just break away from those two idiots, because no doubt, they’re about to stir up some serious shit. But! On a more active, serious note, there’s the whole Bonnie + Klaus = one dead witch and one dead vampire thing. See, Jeremy knows about it, and he’s really struggling, and to make matters worse, no one knows that Alaric is Klaus just yet. So of course, he waltzes right into Elena’s newly acquired mansion. Meanwhile, Katherine’s back at his place, repeatedly stabbing herself in the kneecaps, –which is how they pretty much opened the show. I remembered wincing and thinking “Dude, brutal.” So with Alaric/Klaus privy to their attack plan, they set out to the high school dance, which unfortunately, is a 60s decade dance. Ew. I’m going to have to agree with Klaus, –there was some music that made the decade tolerable, but its fashion is certainly best left dead.

It’s not long before Damon finds out, nosy boy, that Bonnie can’t kill Klaus without being dead herself. And once Damon knows, the wheels in his mind start turning. Then Jeremy spills the beans to Stefan, who tells Elena, and of course, everyone ends up pissed off at Damon, –just as they realize: Holy shit! Klaus is in Alaric’s body! The first battle doesn’t end well, but after talking with Bonnie for a minute, Damon has a plan. It’s a super plan, but no one else knows about it. Which is why, for about a solid two minutes during the show, Bonnie is for all intents and purposes, dead as a doornail. Yes, very sad, but don’t worry! Because something awesome happens, and Damon -actually- set up a perfect scene. Klaus now believes he’s killed Bonnie. Who is chilling off at the old haunted mansion with Jeremy.

Damon and Elena have a moment, –even though she slapped the hell out of him only ten minutes beforehand. But, he explained, that Bonnie was alive. And this makes everyone happy, yay. But back to the Damon-Elena moment. He tells her “I will always choose you,” and i swear to god, i almost broke down into an hysterical sobbing fit. It was so -so-  so sweet, and just… awww, you know? And then of course, Elena, the frosty bitch, turns around and walks out on him. …And then she goes downstairs and yanks the dagger out of Elijah’s chest. Oh crap. What the hell is she doing? And is it actually Elena? It would have to be, because I don’t remember Elena inviting Katherine into the house. The next episode is going to be all about dun dun dun… “Klaus”. Check out the promo below; promises extreme action, and Elijah apparently says “OMFG” out loud. Which is worth paying admission to see.

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  1. I have a few questions with that episode (but it’s still an awesome show!)

    1. Once Elijah resurrects from the dagger removal, what happens to him since he wasn’t invited into Elena’s newly acquired house? Unless she invites him straight away (verbally), I wonder if there is going to be an adverse effect on Elijah? We’ve already seen in Let Me In and True Blood the different things that can happen when an invitation isn’t extended or it’s revoked.

    2. The episode before last we saw that 100 witches can turn off the power of the sun rings that make the Salvatore Boys etc wall in daylight. If Bonnie now has that power, all they’d have to do is get Klaus somewhere away from shelter, and then Bonnie turns his ring/amulet off (because I’m assuming even originals can’t walk in sunlight?) speaking about that Elena should have removed Ejilah’s sun ring etc first and hid it so he can’t leave the house during the day…

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  3. How is it that Alaric/ Klaus can come in the house so easily ? is it because he’s still in a human body?
    Can anybody tell me how Klaus actually got into Alarics body ? ’cause well I know it was something about his blood but I think or would like it if they would explain it in some way. It really intrigues me !

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