Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 19


Well, when we left last time we learned that Bonnie was still alive, –which Klaus still believes, and Elena had just woke up Elijah. Elena’s now taken off with Elijah, to talk with him about life, while Damon and Stefan are back home, fighting over the best way to save Elena. There are lots of flashbacks in this episode so just, bear with me here. Apparently Klaus is formally, medievally known as “Niklaus”, and he’s got a date with Jenna, AND ‘omg’, Elijah is his brother. Apparently, Klaus and Elijah were the original Stefan and Damon. Stefan heads off to see if he can keep Klaus away from Jenna, Elijah and Elena are going to flashback land to learn all about “The Sun and the Moon Curse” and how it’s fake, and based on something much more localized and personal, —a curse on Klaus.

Jenna learns about vampires the hard way, –by being attacked by Alaric/Klaus, –and Elena learns all about Klaus and Elijah and Katerina/Katherine. But damn it, despite all this nutty crap about Originals and Werewolves with a capital W, –there’s no frigging vampire explanation. Klaus is a hybrid, a cross between vampire and werewolf, because he was a bastard child of a werewolf and a vampire, which seems… really unlikely, but sure, okay, whatever? I guess, if we’re playing by Twilight rules, we can go there. Klaus wanted to use Katerina as “the Petrova doppleganger” to break the curse, probably long before Katerina was even born. Who the hell is this Petrova person? We don’t know, because nobody told us.

But what we do learn is that Elijah loved Katerina, despite his brother Klaus, who basically just wants to cut her head off and do stuff with her blood. Apparently though, Elijah found a way to save Katerina, but she ran off long before he could tell her. And poor Trevor helped her run off, which is why he died a few episodes ago, –because she seduced him, or because he was in love with her, either way, same ending. So Elijah took the fall for her disappearance; Klaus suspected he had feelings for her, and then blamed Elijah when she escaped. Elijah wants to kill Klaus, because he wants to populate the world with indestructible hybrids. Sound familiar? Maybe that’s because we saw the same shit in Underworld. Jeez.

Aside from that little dose of less than original plot, this episode was great. Elena and Elijah team up, and manage to get Stefan on their side as well, but… Damon isn’t convinced. He’s very upset. Him and Stefan get into a shoving match, but Elena stops them when she arrives with Elijah, to explain the deal. They renew the terms: Elijah won’t kill the boys, and Elena will participate in his plan to kill his brother. Damon doesn’t buy it, so he takes his frustration out on Andi, almost chewing her head off. Meanwhile, at the bat cave, Klaus and his witches, are performing seriously cool stage magic. Klaus disperses from Alaric, who …faints or something, and then pops out of a box where his witches threw all his body parts, and shook them like a snow globe, presumably.

This was a good episode, but unfortunately, it was filled with a lot of vague flashbacks. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this ep, actually. They do loads of flashbacks, and manage to give just a teeeeeny bit of pertinent backstory, and in the foreground, like two or three important things have happened. The foremost is, Elena and Elijah teaming up, Katherine being cured of Klaus’s whammy by Damon and Andi, and Klaus popping into his own body. The devil is in the details, I guess, but they’re pretty damn minute in this episode. I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with everyone else; Bonnie, Caroline, Sheriff Forbes, Matt Donovan, poor Alaric, and Jeremy Gilbert. Check out the trailer for the next episode below!

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