Vampire Diaries Season 2 Predictions

After being sucked-in to the CW show The Vampire Diaries this past fall, I have to admit it was one of the best things about weeknight television. America finally got it right, by enjoying and understanding what good writing and acting is! Not to mention, vampires are all the rage these days.

With that being said, who out there in web land saw the season finale this past Thursday? What a mind-blowing episode that was! There was magic, drama, and a whole lotta twists and turns. I wonder what next season will bring.

Here are my predictions…

Stefan and Elena will slowly grow apart. The gradual change in Damon’s personality will seem more attractive than ever to Ms. Gilbert; the same old blasé attitude of Stefan will be a thing of the past in her eyes. Once Damon has his dingy little claws in Elena, century’s problems will arise between the brothers Salvatore.

Tyler Lockwood is headed for the woods and not looking back. The troubled two-faced teen was affected by the Gilbert invention for inexplicable reasons and scared his so called friends. If this young man is in fact a creature of the night, my prediction is that he’ll be a slight hot ass in the beginning but then settle down as time goes on and he hones in on his powers.

What’s eating (Jeremy) Gilbert grape? Jeremy overdoses on pills and then disgustingly chugs Anna’s blood at the end of the episode. My prediction for this dude is that he’ll turn into a vampire then immediately get killed-off. There’s absolutely no need for him in the story-line … Elena has enough to deal with (i.e. Uncle John (aka her FATHER)) besides her little brother’s teen angst and drama.

What do you think will happen in season two of The Vampire Diaries?

– Bryce


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  5. I can’t wait for Season 2!!!!!!! The show is nothing like the books, which is a good thing, it keeps things unpredictable and interesting. I was literally glued to my tv during the finale!!

  6. i hope Jeremy doesn’t get killed off, i like him. i also hope Elena and Stefan don’t break up. Also the season fanale was AAAWSOOOOME!!!! but i thought it was sad that Anna died,

  7. Tyler is a wolf like his father…One of the only other similarities between the books and T.V. series.
    I dont know where Jeremys character can go… except revenge and to his death by Damon trying to protect everyone, cause we all know that Damon is the real hero.:D

  8. The show is definitely nothing like the books. And I agree – that’s a good thing. I was very disappointed in the books especially the last one. In fact, it seemed as though the last book was written by a completely different author.
    Coming back to the series, I loved the first season.
    Just the right amount of unpredictable to leave you on the edge of your seats every single episode. A great lot of things occurred in the finale which is usually exactly what you expect in a finale.
    But, I don’t think Jeremy will get killed off. He will turn and Katherine will probably help him turn into something bad and I guess Elena, Stefan and Damon will take the challenge(of getting Jeremy to behave/ or to make him be more like Stefan).

  9. And as for Tyler.. He seems to be a good guy. Just a good guy trying to control the bad in him or something like that.
    I really hope they continue to portray him as a good guy. I definitely don’t wanna see him like his character in the books.
    Again – The books were a disaster.
    just my opinion.

  10. The firt sesone was AMAZING,I want to say that i can’t wait for the next sesone and I don’t think Jeremy well get killed and he really plays a good part on the show there gota be samething good.I mean first Vikki dies and than Anna c’mon he really needs some revenge .And about Tyler is a WEREWOLF is gona be great just great to have a werewolf is gona be like in the other movies beatle betwen the species.Elena to break up with Stefan is not gona happen.This is my opinion

    1. i really hope tht elena and stefan dnt drift apart i really like them togethter. but i really liked it wen damon and elena danced it was so adorable. i kno for a fact th i want elena and stefan to stay together i just dnt kno wats goin to happen with damon. i liked it better wen he didnt care about anything except himself it made choosing so much easier. and about the season finale……. it was AWESOME i actually cried wen anna was killed and i screamed the whole time stefan was trying to get damon out of the fire and was it funny to anybody else or was it just me. CNT WAIT FOR SEASON 2

  11. the biggest thing is that catherin is back. when damon kisses, he thinks that he kissed alena but it is actually catherin.

  12. i guess what really makes the elena-demon (oopss damon) pairing so good is that we wanna see a bad guy turned into a good guy because of love…
    we all (esp the girls) wanted to make a bad guy behave and be a sweet gentle guy…

    but still, the relationship, the love, the passion of the elena-stefan is really something REAL… but of course, since this is a FICTIONAL story, anything can happpen and the writers and producers are likely to go with what the viewers wanted to see..
    like for demon & elena, the audience wanted to see something which is forbidden.. which should not be happening.. because that’s where the excitement is coming from…

    at the end of the day (just like what Lexi said) if it’s true love, you cant turn ur back.. and for me, elena’s feeling for stefan is so TRUE.. of course its natural for human like elena to notice some good things about demon…
    there are just some natural chemical reaxions going on in her body causing her to see the beauty (physical and a little attitude) of demon…

    yes, stefan’s character maybe boring (his usual self) but we should know that life is not all about excitement… that sometimes what we really need is calmness, repose, quietness..and he can definitely give it to elena…

    damon is as good as a ‘1 nite stand’..



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