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Did you know that Paul Wesley, the character that plays Stefan Salvatore, actually auditioned to play Damon Salvatore a few times before he was assigned to the Stefan Salvatore character? That means that someone had to have looked at him and said at some point, “Nah, this guy has a soft side.” Awww, poor guy. I just can’t see Paul as being half as awesome as Ian Somerhalder, –plus, Ian is just way hotter than Paul. Speaking of ‘quick saves’ as far as the cast goes, –guess who first auditioned to play Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce? Ashlee Simpson! Ew!

That would have been -horrifying-. CW’s first choice was Ashlee Simpson, but Nina Dobrev skillfully snatched the role right out from underneath her. And thank god she did! Sorry, but Ashlee Simpson belongs in the music world, making annoying high school girl theme songs. Kristin Dos Santos from E! manages to get Ian, Nina and Paul together for a quick chat:

“”We want the second season to be as good as the first season,” Paul tells me. “We start shooting relatively soon, and it’s gonna go by like that, so as much as we’re celebrating, we’re also bracing ourselves.”

“Typically the second season of every show is generally its best year,” Ian adds, “so I think we need to make it an unbelievable year of television.”

So what about any sort of real relationship between Damon and Elena? Ian hints only that “the dynamic is going to change between the three of us.”

“It basically picks up right where we left off,” Nina reveals. “That’s the only thing we’re gonna say.”

“If they told us, they know that we would we tell you, and then they’d chop our fingers off,” Ian teases.

As long as he keeps his toes…

Hear what Nina and Ian have to say about the porch-scene kiss in the video above, plus the shameless footsie moment with Ian Somerhalder that made me squeal like a little girl riding a pony…made of chocolate…dipped in magic. And they say I’m not the consummate professional journalist.”

Ha! No need to apologize for yourself, Kristin, I think most of us would give our left arm to be able to play footsie with Ian Somerhalder. The guy is 100% made of sexy. But apparently, the next season will begin exactly where the first season left off, –you might not think that’s a big clue, but when it comes down to it, how many shows have left you in a season finale, only to start up again after they’ve already resolved the cliffhanger? Season 2 is going to be awesome, and— we’re so excited we could just pee!

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