Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 13

Bringing Out the Dead

The coffin opens! Ha! How’s that for opening with a big huge spoiler? And I was right about what was in it too. This was a great episode, very emotional, very climactic. Big things going on. The whole family of Originals is super-hot too. Those damn Vikings, all of them are ridiculously sexy. I think it has something to do with the Aryan ideal; look at Erik from True Blood. Phew. Anyway, are you ready? I’m ready!


  • Elijah, hot, as usual. He’s so classy and hardcore. I like the dual personality thing he has going; he plays everything so close to the vest that there’s no way to really tell what he’ll do. It was close for a bit, but at the end, he made us proud.
  • The continuation of the “murder mystery” subplot. I’m interested in seeing who is running around killing everyone. I’m wondering whether or not it’s Jeremy. Maybe he wigged out after being compelled, and now he hates everyone.
  • The Bonnie + Abby mother/daughter bonding moment. It was sweet, and it also allowed entry for another witch. Maybe Abby will hold onto her power, and there will be another benevolent witch in town. God knows they’re going to need one.
  • The 50/50 chance that Meredith isn’t the one going around killing everyone. I’m with Elena. Alaric deserves to have a girlfriend for a while. A nice one, who isn’t a psycho.
  • The weird dinner that Stefan and Damon have with Elijah and Klaus. It goes on forever, but we get to hear a lot of interesting conversation, –and no god damn flashbacks, thank god.
  • Elijah and Damon being all super-slick and waking up the entire Original family. Everyone’s very angry with Klaus, but there might be a downside, since Rebekah is fairly irate with Elena.
  • Getting to meet Mom. The matron witch pops out of the coffin, –and manages to not kill Bonnie and Abby in the process. And she forgives Klaus, and wants to be a family again. Uh…huh.
  • Damon and Stefan bonding over a non-Elena issue. Strictly brotherly love. Awww.
  • Alaric coming back to life. Phew. That ring needs to be looked at. Seriously. With luck, the ring will pull him through, one last time.
  • Still no fairies! Join me in a celebration: 3 Years of the Vampire Diaries and Still No Stupid Fairies! Woohooo!


  • Klaus wears too much lipstick, and it looks absolutely ridiculous. Ahem, but producers? Can we tone down Klaus’s Revlon? Maybe give him a nice shade of nude or beige so that he doesn’t look like a cheap whore? Thanks.
  • The fact that Damon and Stefan look like they’re seriously considering abandoning Elena, and letting her marry Matt and pop out a bunch of babies for Klaus to eat. God. Seriously? We watch this show for the love triangle!
  • Bill Forbes’ plan to just go ahead and die. He was going to help Tyler be able to have some sort of willpower over Klaus, and now Tyler’s sort of stuck. The loss of Bill was really sad, and I was more emotional than I thought I would be, especially since he and Caroline had just begun to re-bond over her being a vampire.
  • The sense I’m getting that the big family of Originals is going to cause more problems than they’re going to solve. Klaus is just one hybrid. Now there’s an entire family of vampires floating around being led by the Wicked Witch of Eastern Europe. Now wtf are they going to do?

Check out the preview for the next episode: Dangerous Liaisons! Someone… gets thrown off a building.. and there’s a ball. Wow. Way to be vague.

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