Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14

Dangerous Liaisons

Oh boy. I’m excited about this episode, have been all the entire week long. I’ll explain why later on, but still! Weren’t you excited? I could tell that there was going to be romance in this episode and there so is! But all things considered… there are some serious things that wig me out about this episode. And of course I’m going to tell you what they are! Along with the stuff that I absolutely adored.


  • The whole “ball thing.” I mean, seriously, I’m a girl. Of course I’m going to call all Barbie-crazy about it. Lookit all the pretty dresses, omg omg omg. Eeeee! Okay, but seriously, the director of photography should get a great big pat on the back.
  • Klaus’s continued courting of Caroline. I really hope he genuinely likes her, because if he’s just screwing around with her head, I’m going to be super-sad. And totally happy when Klaus dies…. as opposed to bawling my eyes out. Which I’ll do anyway.
  • Rebekah liiiikes Matt. Cute! Like I said before, there is romance everywhere. And this whole thing where like, new romances are blooming and getting all flowery and whatnot. I hope some of them actually make it to the flowering stage.
  • Elijah; still classy, “moral”, and just… overall, a good guy. He’s the guy you bring home to dad… it’s hardly fair that he’s a fictional character, and a vampire. I need one just like him.
  • The scene where Elena takes Stefan’s arm… then Damon’s. Did you get a girly hard-on? I did. It was so just… retardedly romantic. Love triangles, ball gowns, great music and…
  • The waltz! I love traditional dancing in film, –no one waltzes anymore. Except me. For some reason, I learned how, like, forever ago. Apparently, so did Klaus. The cute new couples dancing together were great, and the dancing was beautiful. I clapped.
  • That we got some assurance that Alaric is still alive. Jesus Christ, that was nice of them, wasn’t it? At least we got to find out that he was okay though.
  • Elena’s treatment of Damon. Not cool. Now he’s going to spaz out, and I mean…. I cried. Seriously. What a total whore. I’m not an Elena-fan right now, and frankly, I hope she walks in on Damon and Rebekah screwing, a’la Bill and Lorena in True Blood, when he’s twisting her head around. Now that’s kink.
  • Not getting to see half the cast. I mean, what the hell… was Bonnie not invited? That’s lame. I mean, hello, she did get Esther Mikaelson out of the casket in the first place, didn’t she?
  • How creepy the rest of the siblings are; Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus, –they’re okay. But the rest of them are freaks. Cole and the other one. It’s hard to keep their names straight, but I’ll add them to the tag list as they occur to me.
  • Caroline’s make-up artist was on crack. Her foundation was way too dark. Why didn’t anyone else notice this? She should sue. The effect was completely ruined; her skin is fairer than her make-up. She’s supposed to be a vampire. Someone seriously needs to be fired.
  • Elena basically killing off all the Originals by just saying, “Hey, here, kill em all. Enjoy my blood. Woo.” And I don’t think she’s even read the entire instruction booklet, just the front cover in bold print. And maybe skimmed the part that’s in Spanish for kicks. There are going to be ramifications. I’m thinking… the end of all vampires. All. Including… Caroline, Stefan, and Damon.
  • The idea that vampires are only a thousand years old. Considering that the historical accounts in mythology and folklore are ancient. I like the genesis story, but it seems like it should be a lot older.

Check out the preview for the next episode: All My Children! Apparently, Rebekah tries to set Elena on fire. Awesome.

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