Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 2

The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 – The Hybrid

I’m trying out a new format for this whole synopsis thing; you might recognize the style from what I did this year with True Blood. Feedback is appreciated, but not compulsory. Now, to business! This was a frigging terrific episode, very emotional, –and I can’t wait to share with you! As always, SPOILER ALERT! And I’m only going to explain this joke to you once, so pay attention! You know how, there was all this controversy about that “Catch VD” billboard? When I say “Catch” I mean, catch this shit because it was awesome. When I say “Cure”, I mean, this shit was dumb and I need prescription relief from the symptoms. As in, “hurray, I caught VD (Vampire Diaries)” and “Boo, someone cure this VD (chlamydia).  It’s also meant as a cry for help from writers and producers. Maybe when they realize their mistakes are like a crab infestation or a herpes outbreak, they’ll realize they need to clean up their acts.

Yes, I know, it’s a ridiculously raunchy way to do a synopsis. But I guess I’m just the kind of girl you either give up on… or burn at the stake.


  • The growing intimacy between Damon and Elena… omg, so sweet! Their little moment at the end of the show was epic. Most of the time, they manage to make Damon sound just… ugh, the answer to every erotic vampire fantasy out there.
  • Rick, stepping up to the plate after acting like a total douche in the previous episode. I’m glad he’s starting to pick up the pieces.
  • Tyler Lockwood; strong, hot werewolf, all the way. Of course, I realize, as a vampire fan that I am an infidel and therefore must be stoned by the rest of the village. But every time I see Tyler’s abs… the impending execution is a lot easier to handle. He’s done a total 180 since the first season; less of an inconsiderate prick.
  • Damon’s determination not to give up on his brother. It’s good to see that there’s some care there; sure, dysfunctional family extreme. But they’re still family.
  • A glimpse of Klaus as an actual emotional being, even if it was mostly anger, –I got the feeling that he’s also incredibly lonely. Maybe part of keeping Stefan around is because he really wants someone around.
  • Getting to meet Caroline’s dad for the first time ever!
  • Anna’s appearance as a ghost, –hopefully she’s the good guy.
  • The fact that Caroline’s dad is obviously an absentee, and a total arrogant dickwad.
  • Klaus killing off a ton of werewolves. There aren’t that many of them, and he’s obviously not as clever as he thinks.
  • The suggestion that Klaus might suspect Elena still lives. Which is going to make things really difficult for Stefan. I suspect Klaus might attempt to make Stefan eat her.
  • This is the big one: Carol Lockwood trying to kill Caroline, meddling and acting like some kind of super-hero wannabe. Now she’s got Caroline’s douchebag dad involved, and he looks like he’s probably going to kill her. My favorite character. That -total- bitch.
  • This might come as a surprise, but I really don’t like Matt and Jeremy messing around with the ghost business. Vicki is and always has been trouble. I don’t care about Matt’s personal feelings; family is subjective. Vickie was a manipulative junkie skank, with all the intellectual depth of a tepid rain puddle. I get that Jeremy has to act, but… I dunno, seems a bit presumptuous to get Matt involved before he knows what’s going on, considering how emotional he’s going to get.
  • Carol Lockwood makes it onto this list twice; because once she puts her big nose into Tyler’s business, and tries to kill Caroline, she’s too ineffectual and pathetic to stand up to a man, and make him let Caroline go. She’s the ultimate passive housewife archetype.
Check out the preview for the next episode: The End of the Affair


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  1. Love the episode but if Caroline dies I’ll go mad !
    Whats with all the daddy issues ? First Elena now its Caroline ? Do I see a pattern?
    can’t wait till next week I hate it when they make you so curious and then end the episode ! Tyler will stop Caroline form dying I’m convinced of that !

    Liked it more when there was a whole text instead of these short points. although I like how you divided it in Cure and Catch

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  4. Thanks for the feedback on the format, Dagmar. We’d really like to hear from some others about the format to know whether or not we should keep this short-attention-span style or revert to the more descriptive paragraph format. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, compare this format to the previous format we used last week for the season premier.

    Please, if you’re reading this now, let us know.

  5. i like this format but i also like a bit more of the discription, that way if you miss the episode you can sort of get the just before the next one if you dont have time to watch it. (done that a bit last season).

    as for this episode i really liked it exceot for the fact that Caroline’s dad shows up, they are deffinatly making a pattern of daddy issues, so lame. i cant wait to see what Klaus does, or if he is smart enough to see if Elena is alive (it would be cooler if he did it behind Stefan’s back just to make it interesting).

  6. wow i so love this one its cool and i really love the boys from Vampire Diaries…i love all the coments u guys put they are so cool and awesome are there more of vampire diaries?????

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