Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 4

Vampire Diaries – Season 3 – Disturbing Behavior

This episode didn’t have any flashbacks, but it had kind of a herky-jerky flow, not to mention, a lot more focus on filler, –that I have to admit, didn’t do a whole lot for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show, and it’s always awesome to see it. But that doesn’t mean I’m entirely happy with the way they wrapped this particular ‘nugget’ of Vampire Diaries awesomeness. So in the spirit of optimism, as usual, I’ll list what I loved first.


  • The beginning of the show, when Damon and Elena are all… cute together. Then Alaric ruins it by being all parental… but speaking of that…
  • Alaric’s parental and leadership role; he’s really stepping up to the big plate of responsibility, and I have to say, this pleases me. Elena and Jeremy are still kids, and it wouldn’t kill them to have a little adult guidance.
  • Anna being back, wooooot! She’s a great character. But is it safe to trust her? Dun, dun, dun! We’ll find out eventually.
  • Bonnie’s return to the show, –also fantastic, although she’s stepping right into the middle of Jeremy’s discovery that his ex by death default, Anna, is still hanging around… and stirring up old feelings.
  • Damon’s attempt at killing “Bill”, –Caroline’s douchebag dad. He’s an asshole, and he deserved it, but I get that despite his forsaking Caroline, she still has feelings for him. Damon was only trying to do the “right thing” according to Damon.
  • Katherine killing the morally ambiguous witch friend of Klaus. She was cool until she started torturing Stefan. So… Katherine sucks, but still, that was definitely worth a few brownie points in my book.
  • The possibility of a big bad vampire hunter that can kick Klaus (and his bitch sister) out of the game. Let’s hope the idea of getting ahold of this “Michael” guy doesn’t blow up in Stefan’s face.
  • This line: “That’s good. It’s good to want things, Katherine.” Lololol.
  • I am soooo over Klaus’s sister. What a ho. And she’s like Superbitch. She could give Katherine a serious run for her money in the bitch arena.
  • Damon’s 180 degree, bratty turn-around in this episode. He was really cute at the start and then he went back to his out-of-control, snotty behavior. Tres uncool. But, on the other hand, Alaric is totally cock-blocking him. And even though it is in a paternal kinda way, it’s causing some friction in the house.
  • “Bill”, –Caroline’s dad, Liz’s ex-husband. God, what a dick. And now he’s immune to the vampire brain whammy? Seems kind of unfair. He’s going to cause serious problems. Plus, even after Caroline saves her, he still treats her like a lost cause.
  • Caroline’s needling Elena over Damon. That’s not fair, and Damon has changed a lot for the better. I think Damon and Elena should be left alone to figure out how they feel about each other. Without everyone else’s input.
  • The potentiality of an “Evil Vickie”. She was a douchey bitch when she was alive. It stands to reason she’d have problems as a ghost too. Hopefully, we’ll wind up the whole Vickie thing by the end of the season. I didn’t even like her character in the first season. Skank.
  • The possibility of Alaric’s ring not working anymore. Apparently, it’s taking longer and longer for him to come back. Someone should look into that.
  • Katherine stealing Damon away. But at least, now maybe Elena will have to chase after him!
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  1. omg that previeuw !!! it makes my heart bounce !!!!

    I really liked Katrine coming back ! She may be a bitch but a bitch that’s needed in the story I like her more than Klaus or his sister!
    I lost all my sympathy for Stefan I don’t know how that happened but it did I saw him being tortured and I thought well oké it’s not oké but I didn’t had that strong feeling that I have otherwise.

    ofcourse I loved the episode! but I’m starting to feel like we’re going down a spiral path …

    liked this comment better ’cause its more detailed maybe it could be a bit more detailed but you’re deff going the right way with it

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