Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 5

Vampire Diaries – Season 3 – The Reckoning

The episode made me fairly apprehensive; I’ll explain why in a little bit, but phew, what a ride! Wasn’t that whole thing just… insanity?! I mean, Klaus, and Stefan… god… anyway, there’s no time like the right time to just… dive right in and get started with my cures and catches. So, let’s get wet! (Er…. I don’t mean that as “let’s have some PCP, guys”).


  • Matt finally getting some screen time of his very own, woohoo! Even though it’s mostly because he’s warped and depressed… and feeling all moody because he’s not as supernatural and cool as the rest of his clique.
  • Senior Prank Night. Why couldn’t we do that at my school? Although, TV paints a total unrealistic picture of high school life. And I’m not even talking about the vampires, werewolves, and ghosts and shit. If we tried anything like “Senior Prank Night”… we’d all be arrested for vandalism and destruction of government property.
  • Damon pushing Katherine away for being a big whore. He looooves Elena. Omg, sooo cute.
  • Once again, getting to see a more vulnerable side of Klaus. Sure he’s a psychotic murdering monster, but alas, cut him, does he not bleed? I mean, for a few seconds before he heals anyway?
  • Caroline and Matt’s super cute, mature relationship. It seems like it’s working out, but…
  • Matt survived being turned hybrid! Woohoo! I just wonder what kind of impact that will have on their adorable relationship.
  • The part where Damon basically tells Katherine that he’d risk death for Elena… but not for Katherine. Exactly. Booyah, bitch.
  • The “Torch Song” by Shady Bard was absolutely beautiful, I loved it, –which is the song playing during….
  • The Damon rescuing Elena scene, omg… I cried. It was so sweet. And when he tells her he’d never leave her again…
  • …but unfortunately, Stefan ruins it! By being a complete douche.
  • And it was Klaus who turned him into said total douche by instructing him to “turn it off”, which basically means he’s compelled Stefan to turn off whatever’s left of him that’s still human.
  • The fact that Matt is probably going to get all warped and spastic now that he’s got the Vicki Donovan demon whispering into his ear. She is serious bad news. I am so not ready for this character to re-appear.
  • Not so much hating it, as being extremely worried about the whole ‘Michael’ thing, because he hunts vampires. He might end up killing Caroline, or… gasp! even Damon. Let’s hope this Michael guy might like… just let the more benevolent vampires chill.
  • I realize this is probably a little repetitive, but: Stefan hanging around, being an asshole, and basically being Elena’s new guard dog. What a dick.
  • Not getting to see Alaric this episode. Bummer. He’s hot. And I really wanted to know how his first meeting with the Council went, considering he basically forced his way onto it.
  • Klaus’s sister, Rebecca, is a massive bitch. God, I hope someone totally just… grr. I wish she could end like the vampire in True Blood. With a big, nasty explosion of red crap. She doesn’t deserve to look even -half- as good as a withered, slimy looking corpse.
Check out the promo for the next episode! Btw, honestly, it looks like it’s going to be kinda filler-y, and I HATE that it’s named after a Nirvana song. That’s just lame. And the preview is too short. Damn you, CW!

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  1. you’ve mixed up Matt and Tyler in you’re catches!!
    Why do I have the feeling that they have awakened a big bad enemy ?
    And how could Bonnie not know that Jeremy was gone !! I mean she is his girlfriend right? Don’t think they are gonna last lang or maybe hope that ’cause they don’t really catch me.

    now it’s still waiting till next week …

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  3. This was the best episode ever! I was (i’m ashamed to admit it) getting a little bored, but this episode totally brought me around. So much was jammed into this it felt like a season finale! I can’t wait for next week!
    P.S. I know I’m naughty but I just love how evil Klaus is! Mwah ha ha ha

  4. i totally wish we had senior prank night at my school, that would be sooo much fun! i cant wait to see what happens next episode, but im really hoping that stefan the ja**@$$ disappears from the pic ASAP! and i want to know more about Michel!

  5. @Malevolent, totally agree this was one of the best eps all season and I totally loved it. I’m also a Katherine fan, in that I like the eps with her, and I’m looking forward to what Michael brings.

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