Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 6

Smells Like Teen Spirit

It’s that time of the week again! I was kind of afraid that this would be a filler-y episode, and during the first fifteen, twenty minutes of this episode, I was -really- scared. The episode was all about Rebecca and the new Stefan integrating into the high school. And it had that ‘back to school, yay!’ theme that really only exists in television. Real teenagers approach the school year like a stint in prison. Anyway, by the end of the episode, I was pleasantly surprised. There’s more to this episode than peppy, dorky teens, and ugh, Vicki.


  • The new spin on Twister that Stefan invented. Sorry, I shouldn’t encourage Evil Stefan, I know, but… gory, bloody Twister? That’s a new one.
  • The hilarious scene where Katherine is dangling a mouse over Michael’s face, trying to get him to eat it. The poor mouse.
  • The touchy feely scene where Damon shows Elena the best way to get to a vampire’s heart. Tres hot. God, are we -ever- going to get a love scene between them that lasts longer than four seconds?
  • Elena getting all sassy and playing the mean girl with Stefan. From calling him a blood addict, to finally stabbing him for calling her pathetic, apparently, this is the season where Elena grows some balls.
  • Seeing that, even though Stefan is supposedly in the ‘off’ position, he still has some deeply ingrained need to protect Elena. Although that apparently didn’t extend to not eating her back in the cafeteria, in the last episode.
  • Watching Matt finally stand up to Vicki, although who knows how long it’ll last. He can be such a total -girl-.
  • Michael eating Katherine; do you think he actually killed her… or is she just… running on fumes? And… wouldn’t it be cool if that was like, her new love interest? Just for fun?
  • Anna and Jeremy. I know, they’re totally like… wrong because Jeremy is cheating. But Bonnie isn’t being very understanding, and besides, they make such a cute couple.
  • The fact that for some reason… Mason Lockwood is kicking Damon’s ass? Not cool, really, because Damon has a gorgeous ass. But I think the ghosts are all out of whack for some reason.


  • Anything and everything to do with Rebecca. God, I hate her. She’s such an obnoxious little BITCH! From her pink sports-bra to that lame glittery pink braid thing she’s got wound up in her cheap WalMart highlights.
  • The parallel between Evil Stefan and Evil Angel. This whole season seems kinda Buffy, doesn’t it? You know, when Angel goes all psycho and starts killing off everyone Buffy loves? Except Stefan isn’t quite as hardcore, obviously.
  • Bonnie being a bitch about Anna hanging around Jeremy. She could be a little more sympathetic.
  • The Vicki subplot. Ugh, skank. And the whole, “Vicki’s not a bad person” statement. Uh, yeah she is. She’s a total twat, and was throughout the show.
  • Tyler’s douchebaggery, and the whole “sired” explanation. I mean, I’m glad they integrated that mythos tidbit in there, just not this way. Since Tyler’s a frigging hybrid anyway.
  • Damon’s obviously flawed marshmallow eating process. First off, the black part that just stopped smoking? That’s the best part. You don’t just pull it off and fling it over your shoulder. Jeez.
  • Alaric, still totally cockblocking Damon. C’mon, dude. At this point, Damon is obviously the safer choice for Elena. I mean, at least he never left dead bodies blocking stairways. That’s a huge safety hazard. Someone could trip!
Check out the preview for the next episode! And… Lexi is gonna be in it!

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  3. Can somebody tell me how the fuck mason is alive I thought he got his heart ripped out and was buried or something like that by Damon last season

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  5. why are they making ghosts the main thing this season? what will they make next season: Ghouls? Zombies?

    and i agree Damon always gets the best lines, my fav was totally “Barbie Klaus” and Stefan on blood? PLZ someone kill him, or at least get him off the red juice! im also really hoping that Elena keeps up the bad@$$ attitude towards Stefan, and she gets closer to Damon.

    Cant wait for next week!

  6. I really really hate Rebecca and hope she dies off soon, but I find it amusing that the folks behind the show turned her into a giant ditzy fad. She’s been out cold for 90 years, comes back and turns into a sponge soaking up all the cliche girly high school things – from the pink feather in her hair to the cheerleading to taking cell pictures of herself. She’s is the embodiment of all overdone annoyances that young girls do nowadays. The feather actually made me laugh – Rebecca is definitely trying too hard.

    As for the ghosts, I am really curious to see where that’s going. I know a lot of people don’t like it but I find it interesting.

    Totally hating on Tyler, he is so not a favorite of mine. Neither is Stefan, but I guess that’s the point.

    I really loved the vampire heart thing between Damon and Elena, super sexy. Here’s hoping there’s some more action between them.

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