Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 7

Ghost World

I was pretty much warned before I even started watching this episode, that I was going to end up crying. I did, of course, –it was a really emotional show. And I also kinda expected it since the last episode ended with ghosts popping up everywhere, all physical and stuff. I wonder if they can do all that on Halloween too? Anyway, considering that the show was really sweet, I only have a couple things I think we deserve a cure for… but first… let’s see what you should…


  • The entire episode. It was bittersweet; a lot of people have died on the show. So seeing them again was hard for everyone. Including the blubbering audience, which I fully disclose being a big crybaby addition to.
  • Getting to see Lexi again, she’s great.
  • Getting to see Mason Lockwood again, –he’s hot. And isn’t it cool that he makes up with Damon? Damon’s sassy apology was pretty interesting. Personally, I doubt I’d forgive my murderer (unless he happened to be Damon) so easily, but more power to him.
  • Not getting to see Tyler in this episode. I wonder if he’s still a zombified hybrid drone?
  • Getting to see “Grams” again. Although, I have to admit, I think has a very separatist opinion when it comes to Bonnie helping with the Klaus issue.
  • The plan to get Stefan back to the human world; Lexi and Elena really try, but Stefan’s a tough nut to crack. I really wonder what’s going to end up bringing him to break through his cranky exterior? And how will he feel about all the things he did while he was out of it?
  • The powerful potential weapon for killing hybrids/Klaus is all ancient and has to be translated from a cave drawing. That’s going to be an interesting story.
  • Anna and Pearl finding each other at the last possible second, omg, I cried like a baby.
  • Damon and Alaric finally making up; Damon says he’s sorry… sorta. But he says he “means it” with Alaric.
  • Elena finally letting Stefan know that if he doesn’t make some effort to stand up and fight for his own humanity, that her feelings for him would inevitably change. Let’s hope Damon is involved. Hawt.
  • Ugh, this has bothered me for the last two episodes, but people, I hate that everyone wants to pry Anna away from Jeremy, and they all act like he’s an asshole! And Bonnie is being a really huge bitch. For a witch, and a psychic or whatever, she has like no empathy at all. Let’s just go over the facts okay? Anna was murdered violently, while she and Jeremy had just established themselves as fully -together-, and they were in love. It was really sweet. Would Elena have had the strength to push the ghost of Stefan away, if the situation had been the other way around? Even if say, she was dating someone else? And please don’t talk to me about that Vicki and Matt bullshit. Vicki was a bitch, she’s constantly screwing things up, –Anna is sweet, and she took the necklace so she could find her mom. No comparison.
  • That there are no cute, lovey scenes with Damon and Elena in this episode. On the other hand, all the Lexi/Elena/Stefan stuff in this episode was pretty good.
  • The fact that for the most part, this episode was almost completely filler. They hid it well, but it was filler. Almost nothing was resolved, we don’t get to find out what the Klaus weapon was, Stefan never makes a breakthrough, the necklace isn’t destroyed, –so Klaus is still coming to get it.
  • We never find out what happens with Katherine and Michael. WTF?!
  • The fact that Grams is a bit too eh… all knowing Yoda, and she also holds Bonnie back from doing much to help Elena with the vampire issues. The whole “that’s Original vampire business, and you need to stay out of that”. I mean, wtf? If Bonnie doesn’t want to get involved, then why does she? And is there any bigger imbalance of nature than having a bunch of Klaus’s god-moders running around?
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  4. i Loved how we could see Lexi again, she is my fav vampire & now that shes gone (again) Damon has become my favourite vampire. other then seeing Lexi and everything she, Elena & Stefan went through it was a pretty boring episode and i hope next week it picks up. i want to know what happens with Katherine and Micheal!! (and if a vampire can die from bloodloss, wow irony anyone?)

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