Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 8

Ordinary People

The episode really spills a lot more of the original vampire story; their origin, why they were cursed from their beginning, and their gradual descent into becoming monsters. The whole story is painted on the cave wall, and with Alaric’s help, and Rebekah’s memories, they piece together what really happened. Unfortunately, what really happened and what Rebekah remembers are two different events. And that leads Elena to reveal a devastating truth to Rebekah, who definitely doesn’t take well to finding out the whole story.


  • How clever Alaric is in piecing together those awesome hieroglyphics, I mean, really. Sure, some of the symbols are fairly obvious, but reading Norse runes, –that’s a whole different story. Plus, he does all this researching while looking totally hot in a sexy teacher kinda way.
  • Damon teaching Elena how to defend herself. And you know, their gradual developing closeness is really cute. The last scene was really sweet. I hope this season has more of Damon and Elena getting all sweet together.
  • Michael is the “Papa Original”! Crazy, huh? I mean, dude, that had never occurred to me. I thought he was just some random psycho cannibal-vampire. But I should have guessed they were related the way they’re running scared. For some reason, no one inspires fear quite like ‘daddy’.
  • Being let-in on the vampire origin story; I’m sure it could have been told in a more elaborate way, but I like it as a memory of Rebekah’s.
  • Rebekah finally breaking down and letting her human side show. Although it’s sort of sad that it has to happen in such a depressing way; her finding out the Niklaus killed their mother.
  • Stefan saving his brother’s life; I think Elena might be right. Family is probably the only way out for Stefan, –and that’s kind of sad too, in one way, that his love for Elena couldn’t help him feel anything, but it’s good that at least love for his family will help him keep it together.
  • Speaking of, that may mean a change in Elena’s heart; Damon does love Elena, and this season seems to be building up some Damon + Elena tension. I wonder where it will lead?
  • Seeing Elijah, Niklaus, and Rebekah together, as a whacked family unit was really fairly sweet.
  • Generally, I don’t like flashbacks, but my one gripe about them this time, is that there weren’t enough. For some reason, they left more of the graphic, climactic recollections of Rebekah’s out of the flashback scenes. That was irritating.
  • The revelation that vampires were literally “made in America”. I just don’t really think that’s… where they would come from? I dunno; vampires aren’t like Coca-Cola. They’re more like… baklava, or some other delicious foreign thing from somewhere other than the super-consumer country of America.
  • Michael. Wow. He’s a dick. I think we know why Klaus turned into such a douchebag. I mean, the mother’s rejection plus the father’s zealotry and pride. And Michael is going to cause serious problems this season. He almost killed Damon. And that is totally uncalled for.
  • This horrible feeling I’m having: I kind of want Klaus to beat Michael. Is that weird? Klaus wants a hybrid army, and I think Michael wants vampires to disappear completely. A world without hybrids might be nice, but a world without vampires? Without Damon? That’s unacceptable.
  • Stefan’s attitude problem. I hate his flip little “I don’t care” passive aggressive act. I -hate- the passive aggression thing. It’s so irritating. Proof I could never be a parent, most likely.
  • The lack of explanation regarding the white oak tree; I get that it was used in the spell, etc., but why the hell is there only one? What’s the mythical significance?
  • A sneaking fear that this might be the last season. They’re being pretty thorough here…. what could happen to make the show just as awesome -and- last another year? If they bring in faeries a la True Blood, I’ll be SO pissed off.
Check out the preview for the next episode!

By Veritas

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    1. Yeah, after the next episode (Nov. 10) there will be a long break, they still haven’t released when the episode after that will be though :(

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