Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 9


This is it guys, the “mid-season finale”. The next episode won’t air until January 5th, 2012. That’s… over a month. Jesus. But, we can handle it, right? We can all watch… like Teen Wolf or something until it comes back. I’ve got my NetFlix subscription up and running again, so starting next week, I’ll be reviewing one random vampire movie every week. I’ll be doing classics, new favorites, b-movies, and you know, whatever strikes my fancy. So get ready! Because you know, I can’t keep my gifts for sarcasm bottled up for nearly two months! Now, grab your tiara, and tune in!


  • All the twists and turns; this episode seemed longer, and extremely well written. Damon’s skill for strategy never disappoints, and honestly, a major portion of his appeal is his brain. Of course, he didn’t plan everything quite so seamlessly as he thought he had this episode, but that’s Stefan and Katherine’s fault.
  • And speaking of, Katherine being alive. I’m actually kind of surprised to find myself being glad she’s not dead. Weird.
  • Elena having the balls to stab Rebekah, and again, I was surprised to find out hey, that’s kinda sad. I was really hoping we could keep Rebekah on the good side of things, but I understand the need to take her out of the game. Elijah was absolutely ready to kill Klaus. At least until the absolute last second. So it makes sense that Rebekah would hesitate too.
  • Elena and Stefan’s weird banter. Him not loving her always seemed like such a remote possibility, but listening to them now is kind of cool, and novel. It’s weird that her and Damon seem closer than her and Stefan. But! That just means that a Damon and Elena couple thing is that much closer to real. Woohoo.
  • Michael being dead. I have to admit… I’m satisfied. I didn’t trust Michael, he seemed like a psycho, and I’m glad he’s dead. Klaus deserves a more epic death anyway. Hopefully that stake is still good, but if not, they can just stab him with one of those white ash daggers, bury him in concrete… somewhere really remote… like, Kansas. Or rural New Jersey.
  • Stefan saving his brother at the last minute; I won’t say how, because it’s really complicated, but he did actually save Damon.
  • And speaking of Stefan, and his emotions coming back, he’s about to get totally medieval on Klaus’s ass. And surprisingly, it’s all thanks to Katherine. She’s letting those pesky emotions get the best of her too! All in all, this episode was a great “mid-season finale”.
  • The fact that we have to have a mid-season finale in the first place. I mean, they don’t frickin’ skip episodes with True Blood. But I guess it makes sense to stretch all the episodes out. It makes for better ratings, which keeps VD on the air, therefore, it keeps me complacent between seasons of TB. Although, more and more lately, I feel like TB keeps me complacent until the new season of VD.
  • The feeling of sympathy for Klaus. I feel like we’re missing a big part of Klaus’s backstory, and also, I dislike feeling sympathetic towards Klaus because matricide is obviously bad. But… did he actually kill her? I mean, who says? The cave drawing? Well, who drew it?
  • The constant Damon and Elena tease: Writers are doing this on purpose just to -screw- with the heads of Team Damon. Damn you!
  • Not getting to see much of Bonnie, or any of Alaric and Jeremy in this episode. Bonnie had an epic moment, but I miss Alaric, and I want to know what’s up with Jeremy after his ordeal with Anna and Bonnie.
  • Tyler’s “sire” thing. For the most part, it’s great that he can still love Caroline, and have everyone’s best interests in mind… but he can’t also act on those friendship feelings because Klaus is like… his mom? And he’s loyal first and always to Klaus. So the sooner that shit’s over, the better.
Check out the preview to the next episode… it’s only two months away!

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  4. loved this episode but i hate that its a midseason finale! idk what i’ll do for the next 2 months without VD on thursday nights but oh well. but i wish theyd kill off Tyler or at least get rid of the sire thing – its getting on my nerves. and im not really shocked that they killed Micheal instead of Klaus, i was expecting something to happen like that. but it was a good episode all the same.

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