Vampire Diaries Season 3 News – The Dish on Klaus, Vicki and More!

Even though Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries just ended, news on Season 3 is already trickling in. Hurray! Granted, it’s not much news since the cast and crew either know nothing or they have been sworn to secrecy. But any Vampire Diaries news is good news! Today I bring you an assortment of goodies, from the premier date of Season 3, info on Klaus and a little dish on the ghostly Vicki.

Klaus is Here to Stay!
The gorgeous Joseph Morgan, better known as Klaus, shared on his Twitter that he has been officially picked up for a third season on the show as a regular. Yes, Klaus will be one of the big main characters of Season 3. But then, that was a little obvious with him and Stefan running off together. Anyway, while Klaus may not be in every episode of the next season, the producers plan on using him on a frequent basis. Lots of Klaus makes me happy, he’s a screwed up character, but a highly entertaining one.

Vicki an Angel or a Ghost?
Many are wondering what the hell is going on with Vicki’s return, as well as the return of Jeremy’s other dead exes. Well, according to Kayla Ewell, who plays Vicki, her character has returned to help Jeremy. Kayla said that Vicki hassome unfinished business and that her return will stir up some trouble, a whole lot of trouble, even though her intentions are good and pure. Kayla also added that she doesn’t think of Vicki as a ghost, but more of an angel or good spirit that has come back to help Jeremy. She went on to say, “Vicki really, really loves Jeremy, so I think she’s going to try to come back and help him any way she can.”

Katerina Reveals Season 3 Premiere Date!
The beautiful Katerina Graham, better known as Bonnie Bennett, also chatted a bit about Season 3. She said that she couldn’t really reveal any spoilers, but she was able to give a tentative premiere date for the upcoming season 3, which is estimated to be September 8. So now we have a general idea of when we get new episodes… which isn’t for a long long time.

What do you guys think of the latest Season 3 news? What do you think Klaus will be doing next season? What kind of trouble will Vicki cause? Hmm…

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. it is nice to know when they are gonna be starting again ’cause that makes the waiting easier I think :D and LOVE it that Klaus will be a regular main character in the show. really like it a lot and can’t wait thill September 8

  2. im hoping season 3 will be the best season yet bc Kluas will be a main character, this is with no offense to the actor, and he is a screwed up one at that. (perfect companion for Stefan now that he’s on human blood again.) and im soooo happy to hear the release date will be the beginning of September! YAY TVDS3!

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  5. this is perfect! i <3 knowing that klaus will be a main char and i am so excited to see what happens to stefan. interested in the whole 'i see dead people thing' with jeremy. maybe he will see his parents… absolutley love knowing the return date of season 3. cant wait!

  6. i’ll admit it i cried at the end of season 2 when aunt jenna died and jon gave his life for his daughter. i caint wait for season three! i want to see who eleana chooses after season 3. i want to see what klaus’ plans are for stefan and how stefan reacts to his new diets. i just want to see the twist and turns of all the relationships… and the ghoul girls

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