‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Caroline Forces Damon and Elena to Analyze Their Relationship

“Can Stefan fool Caroline long enough to get her to flip her humanity switch in “Because”? …”

You know, the thing is, it’s like… we all know where this is headed, you know? We all know that Elena, at the end of this season, is going to be gone. And since there’s no news about Ian Somerhalder leaving the show, we know that Damon isn’t going with her. Jesus Christ, how depressing. How has this show managed to mangle every single romantic hope we had for Damon and Stefan and Elena, and flung Elena’s character right back into mediocrity at the end of the whole thing. What, is she gonna be a one of the Dallas cheerleaders now? Go to college and get a degree in pottery or some other crap? And then what, exactly?

She’s been through so much, that to just toss her back into the big, mundane melting pot, is like… incredibly boring. They wouldn’t be able to do it without wiping her brain’s hard drive, and performing a system restore, so to speak, –and she may end up needing the knowledge that she has gained, to protect herself. All things considered, if she turns human again, she may end up back on Klaus’s wish list. Damon has to answer to Bonnie, he still hasn’t told Elena about the cure, and Caroline is still all zero-humanity. We’ll find out what happens, and this might even have me convinced to catch up on the show, in its entirety, so I can say goodbye to my favorite TV heroine. Sigh.

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