Vampire Diaries: Totally Not Twilight

20090804_vampires_250x375With the success of Twilight and True Blood why not add another book into the entertainment mix? Cue Vampire Diaries, the young adult series written by author L. J. Smith, now a television show.

Vampire Diaries is a very successful book series about a human girl named Elena who is gorgeous, perfect and can have any guy she wants. Then there is Stefan, the dark, brooding vampire with the horrible past who is the only one that appears to be able to resist Elena. And finally we have Stefan’s brother Damon, the wicked vampire driven by revenge for Stefan and determined to have Elena all to himself.

Sounds like the perfect storyline for a drama show. Right? That’s what producer Kevin Williamson thought as well. Although a young adult series about vampires, Kevin Williamson assures us that this is not a high school only show and that its also not about vampires….yeaaa. Apparently the show just has vampires in it but isn’t actually about vampires but rather about the town they all live in. As he said at the CW panel… “There’s this darkness that lies underneath this town … it’s not a high-school show, it’s more a story of a small town.” He also says “It’s not Twilight, it’s not True Blood.” Clearly. Although when it comes to Twilight, they both have the girl being fought over by two emo boys. Uh huh. From what I have seen so far it isn’t something new and special. You have the hot girl who has suffered a great loss and then comes in the hot boy who makes her feel good again. A classic story plot.

Obviously I am a bit skeptical but not enough so that I wont give the show a shot. I mean, a teenage vampire drama couldn’t hurt…. too bad… right? Plus side: the cast is hot.

Well, I will let you decide for yourselves, check out this clip from ComicCon ‘09 featuring producers and cast discussing the new show.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. I Loved this series..i thought the book was just amazingly!!!!
    I even read night people and was a little disappointing with some of the stories but it was still well written, i just love how the author can take real life problems with teen’s and add hot vampires in with it. I think the vampires just make the stories just soo much better.

  2. vampire are nice to read about and see to make people scared to know that one of the people that you know could be one but in the end why would you want to pit teen there we are here and we have to deal with the ones that have the power to really hurt us(hunters) but when you wright it comes true right now that what it seems to me both of us are here

  3. I will give the show a try, but honesty it sounds a lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which also ran on the WB/UPN/CW. Anyone remember the Buffy, Angel, Spike triangle or the fact that while the show had vampires in it the show was more about growing up and life…should I keep going? I haven’t read the books, maybe I will check them out and I will give the show a try, though I would rather have Buffy back :p

  4. I would like to think the producers n makers of this new televised show which i would like to say is gonna be a hit. Finially i can be home on time n in before curfew. I think yall because of that to. Please make another televised hit so i can stay out of trouble. thank u n have a nice day

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  6. this show is awesome and is almost nothing about the book and its not right tht u judge the show before u even watch it.

      1. hahaha who doesn’t love the show…I think is one of the best (plus aside, like you mentioned: the cast is hot hahaha) I mean the idea is cool..I just have one big question and I was wondering if you can answer me… somehow..because is a real question that I need to answer for my Essay… hope you can help me somehow :)

  7. “Anyone remember the Buffy, Angel, Spike triangle” Yeah, it does sound a lot like Buffy; but, hey, Buffy was awesome. And like the article says, the cast [of Vampire Diaries] is hot xD

  8. Vampire Diaries actually isn’t that much of a vampire series. Yes, it has vampires in it, and yes, they are a big thing in it because, well, half the main characters are vampires. However, it also has demons and ghosts, werewolves and kitsune (werefoxes). It truly is about the town rather than the highschool, and although there is the typical romance, it shouldn’t be surprising. It’s what lifts the main character off of the real world and into this fantasy world full of creatures waiting to eat you alive. Besides, what book or show or movie HASN’T had a romance in it? That’s in general, I mean. I’m sure a few stray movies and books don’t have romances, but the majority DO have them.

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