Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood: What your favorite vampire show says about you

You did the unthinkable; you invited them into your home, and they can return any time they so choose. The world around us is completely obsessed with the idea of the vampire; with such shows as Vampire Diaries and True Blood, two series that showcase hotties that arose from the dead, no wonder we are in the midst of the age of the creature that never dies. And to be completely honest, this craze is showing no signs of stopping.

If you were to poll people on the street as to what their favorite vampire show was, you would get completely different answers and for different reasons; you may hear what leading vampire is hottest and why or what love story is the best and for x-reason. No matter what conclusion you come to, people have their reasoning and that’s that.

Let us now tell you what your favorite competing vampire show says about you.

Vampire Diaries: You like change. Who doesn’t love a new generation of vampires that can walk among the humans in broad daylight while looking quite young for their true age? One more thing … you’re a bit kinky. Katherine had the Salvatore brothers wrapped around her pale pinkie like nobody’s business … after all, isn’t two better than one?

True Blood: You are a traditionalist, plain and simple. You don’t like to bend the rules, much like the producers don’t bend the rules on the way of the traditional vampire. A fan of this program is also quite pure, kind of like the love that Sookie and Bill share. All in all, you’re a bit bland to the taste but hell, no one’s perfect.

Where do you weigh in on the vampire saga scale?

– Bryce

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


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  3. What if you love both!? LOL.

    I’m a changeling and a traditionalist, it seems.

    But I’d probably reserve my opinion on the purity of Sookie and Bill’s love, if I were you ;)

    Great blog!

  4. Oh, come on, a Nordic sex-god vampire owning a strip club named Fangtasia and crazy goddess that starts a plague of madness before being run through by a shape shifting bar owner in cattle form… I call shenanigans on this traditionalist classification. I think the real difference is between the genre of the shows. Vampire Diaries is a high school drama full of angst and made awesome by a supernatural twist, while TrueBlood is a thriller/horror show, made awesome by the upsurd, campy vibe and absolutely nutty plots. Actually, now that I say that, if you were to average these two show, I think you get Buffy.

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  7. whoever wrote this is quite creative … short and to the point … the only thing i would have done is wrote a little more about the characters on each show but otherwise its killer, no pun intended ;) vampires f***in rock, i dont care what nobody says!

  8. I luv both True Blood and Vampire Diaries and would like ttly cry if either were to go off the air. I think that they both have there good n bad and i really love how they get you interested from the very beginning and keep you hooked adn sometimes you dont even realize it. I JUS LOVE IT!!!!!

  9. ah guess mac has a soft spot for the vamp killer that started it all … i gotta agree, the original buffy was pretty killer and kinda hot…

    1. OMG!!!!!! I totally agree with you! Buffy is, like, my idol. She totally kicks a**!! But I have to say, Angel, the good vampire pretending to be bad was totally the first sexy as hell male vampire. He does pretty good in bones as Booth, too.

  10. I love TRUE BLOOD!!!


  11. I think this article is dead on. I’m more of a Vampire Diaries fan…both books and the show. I like that the show carries some of the book story lines but adds a bunch more twists. Even though I like Vampire Diaries, I’m not opposed to the True Blood traditionalist…. So I guess I’m more of a person who likes change and kinkiness but with a splash of tradition and blandness ;-)

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  13. Love both the shows, but for different reasons. VD is more “human” and almost 90210 at times. But gotta say Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are the hottest vampire stars to date. Note to Paul: That little dance on the rafters in the White Lies video is raging hot. Twilight does not even come close in acting abilities or hotness… Steven Moyer is very interesting as a star as well and the more interesting plot of True Blood takes you places you may have wished you didn’t go, oops!
    All in all, tons of fun for fantasy lovers all around.

  14. Oh! come on the Vampire diarys is for teenagers, in True Blood you have a six foot four viking sex god for a vamp who runs a vamp bar, it so raunchy and sexy, you cannot call true blood viewers bland, compared to a series based on teen literature

  15. I like it that there is vampire series on television..tired of cops and lawyers. I cannot seem to get enough of the yummy evil/hot Damon on Vampire Diaries. And really, if high school wasn’t mention here and there…you would not think it was high school students here. Pretty damn hot series if you ask me…
    although I do like Bill in True Blood, just tired of Sookie…

  16. acually neitherof these is my favorite mine has to be buffy the vampire slayeri mean spike is sexy you have to admit plus it’s funny and buffy is just like me

  17. I watched True Blood on the weekend and, well it was really sexish. I would never want to critisize a show, but it’s 18+ and I’m a bit younger, so I feel it might be a bit too much for me. I’m gonna continue watching one or two more episodes of it because sometimes you just need to get use to something. But I think the story itself is pretty interesting.

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  19. Haha,The Vampire Diaries all the way for me! my reason has nothing to do with age or age appearance of the brother vamps, i just adore the show, it’s so appealing and i love how they changed the book as well :)

  20. I’m not so sure about True Blood. Excuse me for what I’m about to say, but I heard it was basically vampire porn. I don’t know though ’cause I’ve never seen it and I don’t want to judge it before I’ve seen it first. But, I’m the Vampire Diaries all the way! i agree with absintheminded when she said if High School wasn’t mentioned, you couldn’t even tell. Plus, Damon, the sexiest vampire ever in all of history, is, like, 500 years old so he’s got TONS of experience…Plus, he’s hot as hell!!! No pun intended.

  21. True Blood is not a show intended for children, this much is obvious. It may also just be the reason it airs on HBO and not the CW. ;)
    As someone who has seen my teen years in the rear view mirror for some time now I thoroughly enjoy True Blood and all it’s nastiness. Good times!
    I do still enjoy Vampire Diaries, it’s a good show. My all time favorite vampire shows however are Buffy, Angel and the lesser known Forever Knight.

  22. I go for vampire diaries. It’s just not for teens. It’s for adults too. I’m an adult and I have a friend that is an adult and she likes it. My brother’s girlfriend likes the show and shes an adult. Paul is an adult playing a teen part and it could have others that are adults playing as teens on there too.

  23. While my favorite vampire show was Buffy because I loved Spike/Buffy but I also love true blood and the vampire diaries as well for different reasons though. I have read the books for both shows too, so maybe that is why I love the shows so much. Buffy ended really stupid though, just like lost did as well. I know that in the books neither end stupid, so I am hoping that the shows don’t end stupid either. The reason I love true blood is because you never know what to expect, the books were similar in nature as well. I also love Bill/Sookie together but I have a soft spot for Eric as well, he is just so hot… The reason that I love the vampire diaries is because Stefan & Damon are both so hot… I can’t really blame Katherine for wanting them both but I still think that they were both under compulsion from her. I love Stefan/Elena together but Damon should find another girl that has not been in his brother’s bed. That is the only part of the books and the show that I disagree with, that is kind of gross for them to want the same woman…Damon is the reason that I started watching the show though cause I loved him on lost and hated that he died… I love both vampire diaries and true blood. hopefully they will both last as long as Buffy did or longer and end on a happier note than Buffy did…

    1. Buffy continued though. The creator of Buffy went on and made a series of graphic novels that is like the 8th season.


  25. totally for True Blood.
    the sexiness and the new season has opened a whole new door….beyond twilight and VD
    has many more super natural creatures and power!
    the story line is exhilirating, it takes my breath away every episode.
    to me the shapeshifters, werewolves, fairies, demons, kings and queens thrill me
    i just love seeing how vampires always come on top….especially on top of humans.
    the blood and gore also throws an extra “HMPH” to the show. me likey likey…o ya and the sex is hot…lol

  26. I love the vampire diaries -btw great job with this blog- [but i havent seen true blood so i can’t say anyhting about it- BUT one of my friends is a Total fan of the show!!!- And im planning on reading the book series first and see how it goes from there…] The Vampire Diaries rockkk!!! The actors are hot! The story plot is amazing and just AHHHHH! interesting. LOVE the TV show series and Book series!!! TVD!

  27. The Vamp Diaries is a children’s show, & True Blood is for grown ups.
    To quote MY favourite show, Vamp Diaries is about… “children, making up bedtime stories of friendly vampires to comfort themselves in the dark.”
    True Blood IS the dark: lots of graphic blood, sex & violence.

  28. I don’t consider that True Blood is better, than Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries-it a drama, but after all it not Twilight, in which precisely continuous “drama” and fairy tales.
    I completely can vote ONLY for The Vampire Diaries.

  29. vampire diaries is the best vampire story ever. just love the characters and specially Damon……everything about him makes you love him……i have personally not been a great fan of true blood but i think its a great show….as for me i will vote for VD….just love this show and the books as well….

  30. ” All in all, you’re a bit bland to the taste but hell, no one’s perfect.”

    I think this is a little biased! Although I’m being a bit hypocritical as I much prefer True Blood :)
    As mentioned in a previous comment, I do believe that Vampire Diaries is aimed at the ‘high school generation’; True Blood is a little more mature.
    The fact that the show seems so isolated from what we know as real life allows viewers to be sucked into that universe and feel as if we’re living in Bon Temps.
    The fact that Vampire Diaries is set around a ‘high school’ society and is more up to date makes it seem less believable. Although some viewers may be excited about the idea of vampires living amongst us in every day life.
    Sookie is a true heroine, Eric Northman is phenomenal and True Blood (and the Sookie Stackhouse series) is hands down, my favourite.

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