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Vampire Erotica

Danger, darkness, evil, blood, lust, sex… and vampires. What a perfectly wicked mixture. Thanks to the latest vampire craze vampire books are coming from publishers in massive waves, taking over book stores. But most of these vamp books are sweet romantic stories about star-crossed lovers, and I bet some of you are sick of that, some of you just may be looking for something with more blood and less vanilla. I’ve got exactly what you lusty devils want.

There is a large collection of vampire erotica out there and my personal faves are those edited by Cecilia Tan. She has edited a handful of fantastic, filthy, sexy vampire anthologies. Each book featuring at least one tale that will make your heart race and your blood boil.

These stories aren’t your boring romantic tales of sweet love making. These stories are full of rough sex, screams of pain mixed with moans of pleasure, dominance, submission and of course, biting, lots of biting. You have A Taste of Midnight which has short stories like Bryn Haniver’s Desmodus, about an innocent little biology nerd meeting a lustful beast that completely takes her over. Then you have Blood Surrender which features stories like In Service Immortal by Paige Roberts, about a hungry vampire queen and her devoted servant. In Erotica Vampirica you have The Razor’s Edge by Kymberlyn Toliver-Reed, an excellent story about fear and dominance and how wonderful it can feel to lose control.

But this is just a small look into the books; each one has over a dozen sensual stories for you to sink your fangs into. The short stories in Cecilia Tan’s books have everything from dark, twisted and raunchy to mysterious, intense and divine.

I should add that none of these books should be read by kids… obviously. These naughty stories are for the sexually deviant adults looking for a good hot read, not for tweens looking for cuddly vegetarian vampires.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • December 28, 2009

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