Vampire Evolution II

Last time you came across my story, the female vampire flung my almost lifeless corpse into the nearest box and the rest was history … until I started-in on my transformation.

As the venomous blood droplets from the she-devil dispersed into my body’s system, the pain grew thicker and thicker. I could feel my soul and living self emanate from this earth; first, my eyes started to burn as if someone had thrown holy water into them and next, my stomach started to gurgle. This was only the beginning.

The pain got so bad, that even my hair follicles started to ache. The next part of my body that was turning was the muscles in my arms; I literally felt my muscle turn into rock-solid mass that had the potential to snap a human’s neck like a twig or knock down a building if I really had to in case of an emergency.

The final section of my transformation sounds like it would be fun in retrospect, but no human or beast should ever have the privilege of feeling such things. The moment before my fangs started to grow from my decaying gums was horrific. Just pretend you were teething but about a million times worse – that’s how it felt. The fangs literally made a popping noise as they protruded. My animalistic claws slithered through my fingertips and that was the end of that. I knew I had transformed from one of mother earth’s creatures into one of the devil’s doings.

Once I passed a mirror, I knew what had to happen next. The superhuman in me could see through the dank stench of the cryptic setting I had been thrown into, so navigating wasn’t an issue at all. But where was I trying to navigate to?

– Bryce


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