Vampire Evolution III

I had to navigate my way through newborn death; apparently the Vampiress didn’t only turn me that night, but several others as well – but I’ll get to that part later. Ornately decorated wooden coffins lined the basement like little soldiers preparing for battle.

As I made my way up the dimly lit stairwell,  I knew what I had to do; normally – you know, if I were still human and such – I would be completely freaked-out and beside myself. An apparition came to me as I hit the final step, and told me in this crucial time, I had to feed off of the pure blood of virgins.

I must be honest with you … the thought of my first mission turned me on. The power of levitation and speed helped me search the rustic city for virginal blood. I hopped from rooftop to rooftop and from door to door to get what I so desperately needed. Men, women, and children were all fair game.

One of my favorite feasts that night was a pair of twins – one male and one female. I started in on the female first, just because it was an easy fight … kind of like fast food. Her blood was rich with the kind of nutrients a newly made vampire needed to get through their first feeding session.

The male on the other hand was a completely different story. Just looking at him alone, I knew I would be adding even more natural beauty to my collection of powers. The unsuspecting male specimen lay asleep as I crept up to his pulsating neck. As I struck his main life source, I started to tear-up a bit; I was crying because he was just so beautiful and also perhaps that was when the last glimmer of human being seeped from my soul forever.

– Bryce


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