Vampire Evolution

OMG, where am I? It’s dark, dank, and kind of smells like crusted-over blood in these quarters. The last thing I remember, I was at my desk at school studying for one of my summer class finals. Wait one second … I’m in a coffin!

If I’m in a coffin, I must be dead, right? Let me light a match. The inside of this human torture box is actually quite ornately decorated; there are little angelic-looking demons carved out of white marble and a satanic bat is in the middle of what looks like a deathly rumpus.

Right, so back to the point … I was attacked out of the clear blue by this beastly yet ever-so-beautiful creature. She blindfolded me with her ice cold hands, then immediately went to town on my unsuspecting veins. The feel of her ageless fangs sinking into my flesh brought me to my knees like a supernatural religious experience. My knees were getting weaker and weaker at the same time my lifeless body was being drained. Even if I had tried to fight, there was absolutely no turning back.

The last of my energy was exerted by attempting to crawl to my cell phone; blood was spurting from the minute holes in my neck and quite frankly freaked me out … it looked like a murder scene around my dorm room. At that moment my roommate walked-in, but had his neck broken immediately. The ghastly vampire then took me by my feet and threw me over her shoulder – she had super-human powers.

One of the last things I remember is pulling-up to a gothic fortress and flying up the side of the bell tower. The female vampire flung my almost lifeless corpse into the nearest box and the rest is history.

How do you think the story should continue?

– Bryce


  1. A crash course in being a vampire… rough and tumble, of course… with ever-so-beautiful creature as instructor. ;)
    Life as a Vampire 101

    Or was that rhetorical?

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  6. Bryce,
    The story since being told by the girl whom has been attacked and taken back to the Vampires Fortess, ought to continue the story with the pain that soon settles when the venom of a Vampire Bites but does not drain all of her blood completely. The pain is exaughsting to say the least I am surprised she remembers being taken to the Fortress. I would think to continue when she wakes, or starts to come to with the pain letting lose and feeling her new self for the first time. She would be incredibly strong, so she could get herself free. Hmmm interesting! Let me know what you decide.
    Vampire B

  7. Sorry Bryce the first comment I left you had the wrong Address, this one has the right one. Good Luck and let me know if you need any help!

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