Vampire Fang Implants

Today’s post is about fang implants, not those plastic fangs you pop into your mouth during Halloween, but actual permanent fangs put in by a dentist. Most people that dish out the cash for this incredibly expensive procedure don’t do it to be cool (most, not all). It’s usually a real vampire, like a Sanguinarian or someone interested in major body modification (ever see those people that have horns implanted into their head, just because?) that go through this excruciating procedure. It’s for the serious. But with vampires being so incredibly mainstream, this procedure is getting done more often. It can be a very big step for those part of the vampire lifestyle.

These implants are usually for appearances only; they are not actually strong enough or sharp enough to pierce someone’s skin. You can get removable ones but most are permanent, like a cap on your tooth.

There are an assortment of different fangs you can get. Some for the serious and the dead serious. The most common type of fang implant is a slip on.. You slip them on over your canines and then take them out when you want. Ready-made fangs made of dental acrylics are adjusted to fit your mouth by drill. The more permanent type of vampire fang implant needs to be done by a cosmetic dentist. The procedure for fitting them is the same as for a cap. Your original tooth is filed down to a slim line so the cap will fit on. These cannot be taken on and off, unless they are fitted like a bridge to a wire apparatus that slips into your mouth. That last one is painful and costly; it requires a hell of a commitment.

Vampire fang implants are available at various lengths of course. The smaller they are the less they will interfere with your speech and whatnot. Cost varies wildly, depending on which type you get and how professional the fitter is and where you get it done at. You might be able to put together a payment plan with a cosmetic dentist. Dental insurance classifies vampire fang implants as “cosmetic” and will not pay any of the cost, so don’t count on that.

The first bit of extra info is that you need strong healthy teeth to do this. It is not wise to get these implants if you have rotting teeth or gum disease. The best candidates for dental implants are free from diseases and have an sufficient amount of bone in the jaw to support the implant. Second, you will have to relearn how to speak and eat with these fangs. It’s possible but it takes time.

As for a real life case of someone getting these fangs we’ll take a look at Hungarian Balázs Lázár (pictured left). Balázs went and got the teeth done in Germany, the land of the goths. He said since he got the teeth done he has had to chase off women away and has had many bite requests. Men on the other hand, he says they tend to keep their distance. He also comments that it took some time for him to relearn to speak but that he has no regrets.

To get this procedure done, first think long and hard about it! Do you want to put in the cost and effort; do you want to deal with all the aftermath? If you are ready and have taken everything in consideration then do your research, as much as you can. Then call up a cosmetic dentist, your family dentist probably won’t cut it.

For more tips on talking to your dentist about Real Vampire Fangs? Read our post.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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      1. I have emailed a few dentist in my town about getting permanent vampire fangs but have got no reply. The people living here are mostly LDS and won’t give me the time of day. Any ideas

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  4. Hey nice picture. I have just a few questions to ask you and anyone how sees this comment. Uhm I'm kind new to the whole Vampire Goth thing..could anyone tell me is there a place that sells Gothic clothes in Lucas County, and where can I buy those removable fangs? You know..the ones that are strong enough and sharp enough to peirce skin. Please reply back, any help would be wonderful.

    1. David………You’re Awesome I’ll Get Them When Im Like 16 But Here In D.C :$ And Im Not Goth Or Emo I’ve Just Been Obsessed With Vampires Since I Was About 5-6

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  6. ahh…..yeah I live in Granit city Illinois and I don’t know a good place to get vampire teeth any one got a good place????

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