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Vampire Flicks. (Notice that I didn’t say “the greatest.”)

And here is this week’s SECOND list of “the best” of something or other that I now will mercilessly tear apart for your edification. If the compilers had chosen to title the linked-to article below 10 TOP VAMPIRE MOVIES OF ALL TIME instead of TOP 10 VAMPIRE MOVIES OF ALL TIME, we’d have no problem. See the difference? With the former, there is no claim being made that the list is complete, finite, just that the movies highlighted are great. This would have been accurate. But by reversing the placement of the word “top” and the number 10, they are excluding any other challengers from contention; they are saying that these are THE best vampire films ever made, and not just SOME OF the best.

The easiest way to discredit them will be for me to include a few of the titles that are lacking from their compilation, some movies that MUST be included if the list is to truly earn its designation at the “top” of the pyramid. The Bela Lugosi DRACULA. A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. BYZANTIUM. ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE. KISS OF THE DAMNED (which I reviewed recently: Carl Dreyer’s VAMPYRE. Bela Lugosi’s DRACULA. (It deserves a second mention.) And while the inclusion of NOSFERATU as number one on their list does earn them a little credibility, they lose points for including FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, which was an entertaining flick, but hardly an example of the finest in the genre. Back to school, boys. Back to school.


TheCheezman • April 1, 2016

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