‘Vampire’ Grave Found In Poland

Hjelm adds the notion of vampires being creatures of the night only appeared relatively recently, first with Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel “Dracula” in later in the 1922 film…

Earlier this month in northwest Poland, a vampire grave was uncovered. The body’s teeth were removed, it was staked to the casket and a rock placed in its mouth. Slawomir Gorka headed the expedition to find the notorious grave in a remote part of Poland. Nearly a year ago, four previous suspected vampire grave sites were found. Of course, the circumstances were slightly different if you recall, the bodies had their heads removed, and placed down by the legs. The Polish people had believed vampires were born not made, and could pass this state to children on after death, since they could rise to return to their families. Some Polish scholars have been doing this type of research since the 1950s. How many more grave sites do you think they will find around this area?

source: edition.cnn.com

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    1. Of course not. Even today people make the mistake of assuming something is true and going nuts with it. Back in the day I’m sure there were an alarming number of graves which were disturbed in similar manners just because people were afraid that a vampire might be real. Aside from this grave being treated differently from what would have been that regions normal reaction to a supposed vampire… This isn’t surprising to me at all.

  1. The thought of vampires being real gives me chills. I can’t even think of the first thing I would do if it had of been so… Gee, it gives me shudders every time I think of a real life vampire walking the earth. The vampire phase has really spreading. It makes me wonder if what I am writing about will survive the vampire and zombie phrase? I hope so. It’s hard writing about so so unique as what I’m creating with the ongoing popularity of the Vampire and now the steady rising of Zombie.

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