is hiring is looking for a part-time content-curator. You will be responsible for using our custom solution to provide daily posts of interest to our readers. You should be able to create interesting and catchy titles, and tight thought-provoking summaries.

The ideal candidate:

  • is interested in vampires
  • has seen Let the Right One In, Byzantium, Only Lovers Left Alive, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  • has a few hours available per week
  • has a good sense of humor
  • doesn’t mind being controversial

Writing Assignment (estimate 15-20 minutes):

  1. go to, and choose an interesting article from any date.
  2. write a catchy title
  3. write two paragraphs of about 100 words each informing me about the article
  4. provide me with the source link
  5. send an email to with any additional information about yourself that you want to share or that might be relevant to this position

This is a part-time freelance position. Our custom solution makes it really easy for you to find interesting articles to curate. You should be able to finish the entire week’s requirements in just a few hours one morning or afternoon each week. You’ll be creating 15 short summary posts per week for $50 paypal + a monthly bonus opportunity.  Additional work may be available upon request.

This posting expires May 11, 2015.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.

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