Vampire King Denis O’Hare Delves Into More TV Horror

I love that all the horror shows are coming back to television; sure, most of it’s supernatural romance, but True Blood has more of a supernatural drama feel to it. Romance is only a small part of the show’s plot. Well, maybe more than a small part… but there’s still a lot more to the show than romance. Whereas, the majority of the Vampire Diaries appeal, is romance. But Denis O’Hare, who plays vampire king Russell Edgington in True Blood, is moving past the vampire veil. Although, mixed reports are speculating that he may show up in this season of True Blood, –perhaps as a ghost or something. Although, just because he’s buried alive in cement doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. Vampires just dry up and wither, if they don’t feed. They don’t die. And maybe a few of his loyal followers show up, between the lines, to dig him out.

But at the moment, Denis O’Hare is trying his hand at a new brand of horror. BSC Review has the details:

Don’t you love it when pop culture topics collide? Denis O’Hare is the King on True Blood. In fact, we recently reported for Fangbangers word wide that he might be putting in an appearance on the HBO hit for an already star studded season four.

Well, O’Hare is joining forces with Glee and Nip/Tuck maker guy (I mean creator) Ryan Murphy. The project is called American Horror Story. The pilot is coming to FX. Connie Britton has been cast in the lead and O’Hare will serve as her co-star. This, from TV Line.

The pilot, which Murphy is set to direct next month, and the first season, would follow Britton, on half of a married couple, if I have my facts straight. Supposedly the cast will change every season. The series could debut this Fall. Details are difficult to come by. O’Hare’s character is known as “Larry the burn guy.”

Speaking of True Blood, we’ve got the upcoming season’s latest teaser and some gab from actress Evan Rachel Wood.

And if Ryan Murphy’s Glee really floats your boat, you’ll want to get the skinny on the upcoming April Gaga themed episode, slated to last a whopping 90 minutes, and see actress Lea Michele’s Cosmo Cover.

Hmm. “Larry the Burn Guy” sounds promising; burns are always a big thing with horror. But does that mean that he burns people? Or that he’s one of the burned people? Either way, I hope that FX picks up the pilot, –we need more horror on television. Back in the day, horror drama, supernatural drama and romance, and horror anthology shows, were badass. And by back in the day, I mean, Tales from the Crypt days, and Buffy days; but alas, the campy classics are gone forever. The vampire king Denis O’Hare propels us forward, and we’ve all got our fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing more of him on FX and on HBO’s True Blood.

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