Vampire Media Lies, Hot New TB Poster, Damon and Elena not Happening Soon, in this Week’s Vampire Bites

Sad but true about that Damon and Elena thing; I have to say, I’m on ‘Team Damon’ if such a thing exists. Not that Stefan isn’t cool, but Ian Somerhalder just gets my juices flowing… Nina Dobrev says that Elena’s really just into Stefan right now… but there’s still hope for Damon in the future. Even though he’s currently into a human, the reporter Andie Star (way to go on that name, writing staff, –not lame at all!).

I have to admit here, the main ‘bite’, is the giant bite on the brain I’d like to deliver to these two Plebes: I hate that every time some member of an even mildly alternative social network commits a crime, it’s automatically directed against vampires/Goths; which is why I’m going to have to destroy the world… or just the media world. Or just the credibility of these two posts in the Charleston’s local news: “Man Tied to Vampire Subculture Pleads Guilty to Absuing Minor” and “Man Connected to Vampire Cult Pleads Guilty to Sexual Abuse“. Ashley B. Craig, writer of the first story, fails because she directly links the Vampire Subculture to a pedophile who just happened to have an account on Jeremy Edwards, writer of the latter story, fails –because he doesn’t even mention the ‘Vampire Cult’ anywhere except in his title. You’re both guilty of epic failure in the first degree: using trend to sensationalize a disturbing story of sexual abuse and parental neglect. Stick to film reviews, until you get at least a moderate understanding of the term “journalistic credibility”.

Trent Reznor is going to be in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Which is cool I guess, even though Reznor is starting to look like someone’s dad these days… I know I’ll get an irresistible urge to ask if he needs a babysitter if I ever see him in public. And he looks a lot like that guy from the X-Files too… what’s his name? David Duchovny! Totally. But, good news, he reclaims some badassery by getting the honor of slaughtering Honest Abe’s mom. Cool!

Now that’s done with, better, brighter news is the arrival an awesome new True Blood poster, courtesy of EW‘s awesome reporting at PaleyFest, –where the cast of True Blood had a panel, promoting TB’s new season, and you know, the show in general. I honestly think TB is one of those shows that would succeed without promotion at all. But it sure as hell helps its hopeless addicts!

And on top of all this awesome news, –except the part where the media is full of douchebags, —Catherine Hardwicke, director of the first Twilight  film (great, so we know who to blame) and director of Red Riding Hood, comes clean about how she ended up screen testing Robert Pattinson, and her voluntary absence from the other films. She wasn’t fired, she claims. But read the story, and tell me what you think… given her bizarre (and unprofessional) behavior with Pattinson, –do you believe in forced resignation?

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