Vampire Mob Season 2: Updates!

For those of you that haven’t seen any of the web series ‘Vampire Mob’, first of all, shame on you. Second, go watch it! And third, you’ll love the cast updates we have ready for you this weekend, if you’re up to speed on the first season, and the fight to sponsor a second. Vampire Mob is about the life and times of a vampire hit man, who turned into a vampire because he believed it would be a good idea to have a career and a lifestyle that matched; to say the least, our antihero is nocturnal. But once a vampire turns, it’s a long, lonely life, so he turns his wife into a vampire as well, –or at least, he claims that he “just got hungry.” So maybe his intentions were less than pure, but what the hell? Now he’s got an immortal wife to hang out with him.

Sadly, he wasn’t counting on his wife’s sympathies toward her mother. But what guy is really thinking about his mother-in-law’s mortality? If anything, he’s probably looking forward to the end… Subconsciously, anyway. So of course, his wife bites her mother and now, there’s a whole family of vampires, living under one roof. Season 2 will be all about pepping up the business, –since vampire hitman Don, is apparently running out of hits! With the stress of a mother-in-law moving in, and things not going well at work, it should all add up to hilarious violence, and of course, as much over-the-top vampire craziness as one can imagine.

Plus, they’re adding two more top names to their casting list for Season Two; Rae Allen, a Tony-award winning actress, known for her roles in The Sopranos (she was Aunt Quintina Blundetto), and a number of television series, as well as made-for-TV films. Also joining the cast is Retta Sirleaf, known especially for her role as Donna in Parks and Recreation, and Olivia O’Snap from 7 Deadly Hollywood Sins. The series is so far, just a short production of online videos, but with vampires being so popular, you never know what may happen in the future, and who might invest in the show later on. But for now, Vampire Mob needs help raising money for Season Two, so if you’re willing and able, to donate even a dime, then you can support them here.

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