Vampire Movie Kickstarter: ‘The Dark Collective’

An old fashion and Conservative cop and another is a depressing and pill popin’ manic cop. They meet A Blood thirsty Collective Group!

I think if they want to make any money at all, the desperately need to hire a better writer or publicist. That shit up there is a direct quote from their Kickstarter campaign. Anyway, the plot is really good; the idea is cops vs. vampires: a seasoned, traumatized officer is partnered with a rigid, righteous veteran of the force, and while investigating a standard noise complaint, the two stumble onto “The Dark Collective” –a group of gnarly vampires.

Now, this movie clearly needs help, so if you believe in the plot as much as we do, you ought to fund the film. It honestly looks like it could be a lot better if it had the funding to rise to its potential. It definitely needs work, but with the cash to build up the production, I think the movie could be great. And of course, you get the swag to go with your donation.

By annimi

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