Vampire-Obsessed Trucker Kept Sex Slaves with Filed Teeth

A defense lawyer on Wednesday challenged the arrest of a Utah truck driver accused of keeping women as sex slaves in his semitrailer as he drove across the country.

This guy wasn’t the vampire; he just really wanted to have sex with one, apparently. Apparently, he kidnapped a handful of young women who he then abused, physically, sexually, –and also filled their teeth with a Dremel tool so that they appeared to have fangs. 

Now the alleged perpetrator of these heinous crimes, is pleading not guilty, and basically leaning on statute of limitations to keep the crimes out of the child abuse range. Additionally, there is some concern over the testimony of the victims, since she was looking at her cell phone while in court. The truck he kept his victims in was known as the “Twilight Express”. So … looks like we found Kristen Stewart’s biggest fan. 

By annimi

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