Vampire Origins HD for the iPad

The iPad, latest menstrual convenience concocted by Satan’s vessel, known popularly as ‘Steve Jobs’, is good for a few things, and as it happens, one of them is a constant barrage of high def games. And the anti-Mac people are thinking “Games can actually be played on a Mac?”, –the answer is yes. And although there aren’t nearly as many games widely available for Mac, the market for Mac games is expanding. One of the newest games for the iPad (and the iPhone, if you can live with the immorality of showing these awesome graphics onto an itty-bitty screen) is Vampire Origins HD, –and whatever the platform, any new vampire game is good news for us.

Vampire Origins is about Vincent, a cranky refugee from the Underworld on a vengeance mission, –plus, there’s the added bonus of some great historical fiction, like the first war between vampires and ‘the Order’, who the first vampire was, and more. After Vincent’s girlfriend was murdered, he’s released from the afterlife, and resurrected. His primary ass-kicking weapons run on silver bullets, and his main enemies are… zombies. Critics have called the game reminiscent of early Resident Evil titles, in light of its 3D shooter style game play. And that’s not all they’re saying.

The game might have gorgeous 3D graphics, and fluid game-play, but the reviews and forum response for the game isn’t very positive. Gamers have speculated that it may partly be the fault of over-confidence on behalf of the game’s creators and distributors. A little less hype might have saved the game’s reputation, though as it stands, the game is beautiful, but too short. Action is awesome, but the fights are too easy. And while backgrounds and 3D settings are great, the actually cut-scenes resemble ‘Diner Dash’ quality game video, –as in, –comic book illustrations, and speech bubbles. If you’re working with the iPad or iPhone, I’d suggest giving it a try, especially if you have the same craving for a great vampire game.

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