Vampire Reads: Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle

Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle – Kindle edition by Amy Fecteau. 

I knew someone would use this as a title for something vampire related, at some point. It had to happen. Dude, if vampires were real, and could really get offended as to whether or not they had glitter embedded in their pores, sure… but alas, they have no opinion to share.

Given that, I want to read this, and it’s less than a buck on Amazon, so I will. I wanna know what real vampires do, since sparkling and glittering is clearly out. Suppose real vampires…. shimmer? Or maybe they… glisten? Okay, okay. Objectively, –let’s check out the book, meet back here, and find out what vampires are doing besides sparkling, –agreed?

By annimi

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